Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Osama Network

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  1. Funnier.

  2. Okay, enough already.

  3. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    These weren’t bad.
    But I hope they mean it when they say they’re done with the Osama posts.

  4. Oh those are pretty good!!

  5. these were crap!

  6. Cheesier than modern Disney.

  7. For some reason the last one made me chuckle. They weren’t that good though.

  8. I call fake on all of these.

  9. Not bad, especially the last one.

  10. I was ready to call the second one stupid, but the “LOL” got me for some reason.

  11. Dawn of the Dan

    1st one didn’t do much for me, but the others are good fun.

  12. How can you say these are fake?! They look genuine to me

  13. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    @samwise – Did you figured that by yourself? A-fuckin-mazing!

  14. Lame- the LOL got to me too 🙂

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