Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The POORposal

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    poor Gordon, but it’s survival of the fittest, dude.

  2. PeanutButtercup

    I was going to say something, but word pretty much said it all.

  3. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Hey, Word, pumped for the new season of Review, starting tomorrow night? I know I am!

    “Just what *would* it be like to kill Kyle Sanderlans?” – Cut to shot of Myles with a sniper rifle…

  4. diet, indeed I am.

    And what I would do to Kyle Sandilands given the opportunity… No sniper rifle for me. It’d be up close and personal.

  5. word, I say you and I gang up on Gordon and take out his pansy ass. What do you say? You get him on the ground and I’ll kick the shit out of him. All in the name of bad poetry and a lame proposal!

  6. ee, I was thinking more along the lines of dog collars and cat o’ nine tails for this pussy, but yeah, an ass-kicking could work.

  7. For the appetiser.

  8. Excellent choice my friend!

  9. Your logic is outstanding as always. I’m digging the cat o’nine. Let’s get to it!

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    My mind is filled with a Word / ee threesome right now. I need another beer.

  11. And I think I need another drink as well Dukey!

  12. Mine’s in hand, lovers. Cheers!

  13. Cheers to you as well. It’s always nice to tip one back with ya word.

  14. Among other things!

  15. ee, I know you have great binding skills, so you’re in charge of that, and I’m sure you’re suitably attired in black, as am I. Now let’s get to work on Gordy.

  16. You want to flak the front while I flank the back? It seems to fitting. You’ve always been the dominant one. I’m more of a submissive. You game?

  17. Absofuckinglutely, but I want to take the rear on this occasion. It’s in need of a word workout.

  18. Awww fuck, guess I’m screwed in this one huh? I guess I’ll appease you and take the front. You do what you gotta do to that rear.

  19. And a perverted one at that.

  20. The front will be good for you, ee. You get to see his responsiveness in all its glory, and I’ll have you film it for our viewing pleasure later.

  21. Again with that eager, and tenacious planning…that by the way, I oh so love about you. It’s a shame Gordy can’t enjoy it more. Poor, poor pathetic man that he is.

  22. By the way, where did Dukey go with his beer? He’s missing out. Those smooth buns and all!

  23. Gordon ain’t no man, it’d be more like an all girl’s thing, but that’s all good by me. Girlfriend, watcha say?

  24. I think I see Dukey over there in the shadows, hey Dukey? I see you.

  25. Like you have to ask twice? When have I ever denied you word? I’m all for screwing Gordy and leaving him to wallow in his own misery while you and I kick it up a notch. I’m in!

  26. Dukey?! Stop hiding. It doesn’t fit your character!

  27. Hmmm, banging Gordy would definitely be a lesbian experience of epic proportions.

  28. He’s over here with me. He’s looking for pizza.

  29. Dukey’s fallen asleep at the computer in a drunken stupor more than once. He’s great.

  30. That it would word!

    Walter, sharing is caring! It’s morally wrong to lure one in with hot melted cheese and moth watering toppings.

  31. Walt, that’s exactly what I feel like. Pizza and beer – if there’s a better combo of the legal kind, then I don’t know about it.

  32. It’s like he’s one with us word. Alcohol consumption and all!


    Wow, my fingers used to be so nimble. What the hell is going on? I’m blaming stress. God I need a piece of ass! That will fix it!

  33. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t hide the pizza in here. Marsupials are lactose and tolerant.

  34. Lies Walter, lies!

  35. But I’m in no shape to drive and go get it. It’d have to be the delivery boy.

  36. Nevah!!!

  37. I bet you’d delver well word.

    And with that I’m off.

    word, till next time! Much love!

    Walter, keep that pizza warm and don’t forget to share!

  38. I just remembered, Gordon’s my bitch. Gordon, you hearin’ me?, and make it double pepperoni.

  39. Night ee. I can’t see the screen much now, anyway. Gordon!!!!!

  40. This is isn’t REALLY that much more public than going down on bended knee in a public place like a restaurant or in front of the Eiffel tower, or on screen at a sports game or something. Just people they know will see it and not randomers.

    If he’s proposing I’d assume he knows Raegan pretty well and knows that a surprise FB post might be just the kind of public informal-type gesture she would love. and I also assume that most couples have at least vaguely discussed getting married at some point before anyone makes an official proposal, even if the time and manner its done in is a complete surprise, so she has likely led him to believe that she wants to marry him.

    This is not lame or even that funny. This is LB’s un-lamest post ever.

  41. Maybe he’s just shy. My boyfriend was so shy I had to propose to myself. It’s ok, it was really funny. Now I have an amusing story instead of a romantic one and that suits us just fine 🙂

  42. yeeeesh.

    Shy is one thing. A letter could be fine for someone who is shy… definitely more romantic that a facebook wall post. But if he really is shy… then this is even more retarded: if she was to turn him down on facebook then all their friends and family would know about it too!

    Maybe it’s just a cheapskate way of getting out of having to present her with a ring…

  43. Word, ee, I love u.
    that just made my day.

    And the post, seriously? All i could think of was; WTF

  44. dietpillpyramidscheme

    In conclusion: Kyle Sandelans is a tool.
    Myles Barlow is a (fictional) hero.

  45. Im sorry Hex-Kitten, but you assume too much on this losers part.

    It is Lame, it is funny because the loser does not realise how lame he is.

    And guess what! His family and friends saw it, said it was stupid and so do we randomers!

  46. 91.: Why should it btw be the man who proposes?

    This proposal was the geeky way to do it. I bet they’re both in IT, Raegan was probably at the google or fb HQ for some major problem that needed her expertees on a Sunday.

    And she said yes.

  47. I actually like this..

    He has the balls to do it on FB where it is almost public, and he definitely has it in his mind that her answer could be ‘NO’!

  48. I dunno, I think he’s just Rickrolling her.

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