Friday, July 17, 2009

The Real World Would Like to Welcome You

The Real World

The Real World

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  1. Ah, Jeffrey, you were a youth leader at your church, weren’t you? Weed is expensive, and people aren’t looking to throw out their money by offering it away. “No thanks” was the perfect response.

  2. Jaco, I think you are very well spoken and I like your comments.

    I have barely ever smoked pot but I have been very drunk and made horrible decisions. I lost a friend who decided to get behind the wheel while drunk. Luckily no one else was hurt that night.

    It definitely adjusts your view on things, so I have no problem with anything you said. 🙂

  3. Haha, I’m definitely crowning this crowd the kings of lame.


  4. this is so completely unrealistic….i mean common jeffrey open your eyes are you aware that statistically 90% of kids who graduate highschool have tried marijuana ATLEAST once before they graduate…so clearly you are running a little behind on that. And stop trying to demonize casual marijuana smokers. It’s not like this guy was asking you to inhale some of the gas you were using to drive your car while he helped you sniff an eight ball of cocaine

  5. I like turtles.

  6. Thank you Anna!

  7. @Weed Police


    Too stoned

  8. NOT WEED!!!!!!!! God forbid you sit around and laugh.

  9. i probably will never look at this again, and this is seriously hilarious…especially the shank part. but i don’t understand why so many people are hating against Jesus, and born again believers? that’s just as judgmental as a kid who judges a stoner. Jesus is the most amazing thing this world was ever given, whether you do drugs or not, Jesus Christ is the son of God, died for your sins, and you will bow before him in the end and be judged for all the careless things you’ve said. What has Jesus ever done to be treated like such dirt??? All he does is love you??

  10. Lol, this dude is going to be in for a hell of an experience in college.

    Personally I would’ve given Jeff some Mo’Wax comps, Thievery Corporation, and DJ Krush albums and tell him to try it at least once. It’s better to say I’m glad I did than I wish I would’ve.

    And sadly, there are people like this and some of them maintain it well into college. I knew a couple of them in high school and when one of them found out I smoked weed he looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

    I don’t mind people choosing not to smoke or drink, but there’s a certain kind of naivete that you just can’t help but shake your head at.

  11. GOMERS

  12. ‘wait wait. you said no to free weed?’ LOL

  13. ContactRoastingMachine

    I’m pretty sure I’ve played the party of “some dude” multiple times in my college career. I feel kind of bad about it now, seeing the other side of things… all the times I threw up in public… all the times I pulled out hard drugs infront of strangers. All the times I tried to sell weed to random people. Sometimes I think I’m a monster.

  14. @167 …a candid and thought-provoking reflection!

  15. Christ on a cracker

    What?! The fuck is wrong with kids these days anyway?

    You NEVER say NO to free ganja, dude! You high on christ or something!

  16. is probably what these pricks were watching.

    and even if i was high on christ, id probably get high on ganja for an even bigger high.

  17. ninjapiraterockstar

    A week ago I was atually offered Christ by some dude at College. I was walking out of a lecture and this guy just goes “hey, buddy, want tot alk” and he was smiling all weird, like he was mentally deranged or something. I was thinking “wow, just back the fuck up dude or I’ll shank the fuck out of you so hard” but I knew that it was a public place with a lot of people around so I had to play it cool. Then he was all like “Jesus loves you man” and “drugs hurt your soul”. Now I’m only telling you this as a warning, because I want you to be prepared for all manner of sinister things you’ll experience in college. There’s a lot of scary people at college, like this Christian fella. So anyway, he then says “do you want to go and study some bible with me” and stayed cool as lime cordial, just acting all relaxed, but obviously I was shitting myself on the inside.
    So I followed himout into this carpark where he wanted me to study some bible with him and I knew that I couldn’t just reject his offer cos he might get up onme. And there’s nothing worse than someone getting all up on you. SO anyway, he pulls out this bible and then I started tripping, ‘cos I couldn’t believe that someone was actually offering me the love of Christ… at college, of all places!…. I was scared. I had no choice… I shanked him…… That’s right, just pulled out my shiv and drove it hard up under his rib cage till he started coughing up blood and making a hideous gurgling noise. And then I ran away to go offer people free pot in parking lots. I nearly shanked some other bloke when he rejected mny offer but I knew that my shank-quota had been filled for the day and I guess I just bought it.

    But yeah, take care out there all my friends, especially those of you who are either current or prospective college students.

    (…. and, on a serious note, I’m actually a Christian, so don’t think i hate christians or some shit, i just fell in love with this guy’s message. fantastic)

  18. WikidJuggaloPanda

    my favorite comment “you turned down free weed?”

  19. “What does shank mean?” Bwahahaha.

    Alice has never drank, or had an orgasm.. hats off to you alice.

  20. 3500 years a medicine, 100 years a drug, i know the numbers arent totally correct, but still, some stupid shit that this world is going through

  21. “What does shank mean?” “I think it means to pants someone.” “Nope, it means to beat someone up.” “Shank means to cut someone with a knife.”

    ROFLMFAO, fa shizzle.

  22. HELLO? never mind the kid figuring it all out, doesn’t ANYONE else notice the REAL issue here???? the kid blabbing about his room mate having a “dealer bro.” Why doesn’t anyone understand COPS LOOOOVE FACEBOOK?!?!? thats right,it doesnt take a rocket scientist these days to track drug offenders- when they are revealing their entire shit online. Its the friend ratting out his room mate’s bro that is going to get shanked! Real quick. The real issue here isnt the same old weed debate. Its what the hell is happening to our society online. The poor dumb kid doesnt realize his need to express his anxieties online- will lead to a massive shakedown. Its allright for the kid to struggle with choices- healthy and natural and no one should choose drugs without thought and guidance. Police work couldnt get any easier than facebook- which means more taxes for everyone. For god’s sake, don’t ask and don’t tell. Its all public domain people!!! Figure that out already. By the time the police force gets down rounding up that campus, nobody’s going to make it to graduation day.I hope they all get some strong enough herb to make them good and PARANOID. they should be.

  23. Alcohol, yay!

  24. @ ninjapiraterockstar: you are the best! As for the original post, these dorks must attend Oral Roberts University! That Alice is a closet freak. She “sips” alcohol. That’s what they all say! @ questioning: you are SO right re cops and law enforcement agencies trolling FB. I have an acquaintance who is a fed and he says it is their most useful tool, currently. I have seen confessions to crime posted on FB! Your freaking name is on your profile! And most likely your photo! Idiots!!! o

  25. Gotta love the ‘Nerd Herd’ and their home schooled education.
    Thanks for saying no, at least that gives us more weed. regards, the ‘violent stoners’.

  26. It does not surprise me at all that someone would be offering students weed at the PCC campus. Oh, community college.

  27. The upset him so much he had to tell his priest about it – at least afterwards, when his mouth was empty. Jesus be praised!

  28. Its the fucking Beatles

    Maybe we shouldn’t be so damned judgmental of others. Yes these kids sound incredibly naive but I don’t know why people would give them such shit about it. And for those advocating the use of drugs, maybe you should get your facts straight. Drugs do HUGE amounts of damage to both mental and physical health. I’ve known of several people who have died very young (between 30-35)due to heart disease because of their lifestyle choices. People have committed suicide after their mental health went into a downward spiral after smoking cannabis and weed for years. I’ve been to crime scenes where “stoners” have murdered their own friends for drugs and/or money. I’ve seen plenty of people whose lives have been fucked up big time by “just” cannabis or weed. We all live life differently. What is wrong with that?

  29. @WeedShanker Yeah, this kid’s probably hyped on MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oils to realize how fucking stupid he sounds. Weed is not the problem, it’s the solution. Go smoke a bowl and think about all the drugs in your food you eat everyday little christian kids. I’ll give you a hint, it’s all those things I listed.

  30. Serial Thriller

    That is the most adorable group of honkies I’ve seen in one-fucking-place.

  31. Jebus Christ! how pampered and sheltered do you have to be?!

  32. WTF?

  33. This thread reminds me of a young cop I once met who shared a heroic story with me about how he rescued a kid from “overdosing on pot”. Good think the kid didn’t try to shank him!! And to think the force allows idiots like this to carry a gun and badge and even worse that he could be one to respond to a serious emergency. Shame on America for filling people’s heads with such lies about a PLANT. Sheesh!!

  34. I think these kids are high on the lord lol. And coke.

  35. jeff, you overly dramatic dumb-ass

  36. Feh.
    I don’t do pot or associate myself with very many stoners. (Mostly personal choice. I’m fine with people who do it, so long as they don’t keep trying to force it on me or talk about doing it every time we speak.)
    I find people who drink constantly like it’s the only thing they have to do with their life more dangerous than potheads.

    Just my two cents.


  38. @178: “I’ve seen plenty of people whose lives have been fucked up big time by “just” cannabis or weed.”

    I sincerely doubt that. And it’s not an either or. Cannabis and weed are the same thing.

  39. I don’t know this guy (thankfully), and I’m sure there are other PCC’s in the world…
    but this sounds like it’s at Pasadena City College. I used to live in the area and attend that school.
    This certainly is not an isolated incident. This guy does sound like a pansy; must be fresh out of HS. It’s fine if you don’t want to do drugs — more power to you. But I really don’t think someone’s gunna shank you if you merely decline, lmao. I’ve had people from that school solicit me as their toking buddies, and I must say, they’re some of the dopest (no pun intended) people I know. This dude prob pissed his pants over a harmless stoner.
    Mota forever.

  40. A guy who’s high on weed is not going to stab you. If anything he’ll give you a hug and start talking about “Kid A” and how it revolutionized music. He will do this for thirty minutes, then wander off to find a Jimmy John’s and take advantage of the “free smells” policy. For an hour. He will then go back to his dorm or apartment, watch two episodes of “Spin City,” and eat rotisserie chicken.
    In short: he’ll do a lot less damage than a guy who’s drunk.

  41. Also, you know this guy is totally Christian.

  42. Oh, and #178: you’re full of shit.

  43. Wow those losers are so square. Maybe they need to smoke and be fucking normal to slap that nerd off their faces. Weed is natural, grows on this Earth and has got many years before the stupid government made it illegal and criminalized. It will be legalized, you better believe it. I feel sorry for those fools, and sorry that our planet is populated with stupid ass people like that.

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