Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Right Idea!

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  1. Jaren is a “babe”?

  2. Considering the fact that he said “not this dude” I’d say he’s failing, not winning. Corey = dumbass.

  3. I don’t have problem about Corey having glasses,as long as he take it off everytime i bitchslap him.

  4. Corey is the reason why Lamebook was created.

  5. I’m totally stealing that dude’s “Finding Jesus” book idea.

  6. That is a good idea

  7. Call the book “Where’s Jesus”, only just like real life, he’s nowhere to be found.

  8. @throwingtofu I was totally thinking the same thing. Is Jaren one of those unisex names? I only know of male Jaren’s.

    …Kinda makes me feel bad for Corey.

  9. Maybe Corey dabbles in his “other sexuality”… but only one-seventh of the time.

  10. To modernise the “Where’s Jesus” concept, incorporate Google Earth, imagine the hilarity that would ensue if he were found in a fortified complex in Pakistan. Or on a slice of toast in an Alabama trailer park.

  11. @paranoid ~ People in Alabama totally believe Jesus is there. They call him “Nick Saban”.

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