Monday, November 11, 2013

The Robotic Empire

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  1. If you keep trash-talking the robots, it’ll soon be your own fault, if you get raped!

  2. StupidDane, I sincerely hope a robot rapes you.

    Why is this even a lamebook worthy post? This is one of the most retarded posts yet.

  3. Can someone rape Dane already?

  4. Your sister did last night. Well, it wasn’t really a rape, since I was enjoying it.

  5. Where’s the T-1000 when he is finally needed?

  6. The last blockbuster will be in Minnesota. Where it will remain open because it’s ‘pretty much’ self-sufficient.

  7. Agree, fucking retarded.

  8. There’s an open Blockbuster down the street from my house. People still frequent it regularly.

    It’s not the laziness that killed Blockbuster, but the outrageous prices compared to RedBox and the extreme late fees. Also, the fact that they never had any good movies was another nail in their coffin.

  9. BorderlineDane

    Megatron snickers…. yessssssssssssssssssssssss it´s happening

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