Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Rough Stuff

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  1. So Kirsten’s brither can’t get a girlfriend because he’s on some sort of register?

  2. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony of mis-spelling ‘brother’ my pedantic old friend 🙂

  3. In other news, lamebook’s meh-ness continues apace.

  4. How does Kristen know her bro has a big dick?……ummmmm I think I’m gonna & puke & kill myself afterward

  5. I wonder how you can be dating your cousin, not know, then find out.. Weird

    And Douglas sounds liked he was fraped

  6. Tanya is the one that needs a swift kick in the ass. He cheats once, you can forgive him if he is truly sorry. Second time he is gone. Period. If I could cheat on my husband over and over again and he would still let me stay, why the hell would I change? Someone to do the laundry and cook at home while I am out playing? hell yes.

  7. Why would you stop dating your cousin. Surely if she’s hot you would skip over the cousin aspect since it is actually legal.

    Kirsten could have walked in on him in so many circumstances. I’m going for the boring bath (which has no lock – some bathrooms don’t have them). I’m more thinking that the brother has hacked the facebook. Why else would a sister do that?!? Surely she would have written that it was small so someone should pity him…

  8. @Shorma, what do you mean “how does Kristen know”? Because she has seen it, dummy.

  9. O yes, let’s all get weird about a sister seeing her brother’s penis. Geez.

  10. Seeing it? maybe so.. Bragging about it? A little more disturbing.

  11. For a second I was worried that Kirsten was going to tell us that the man who lives inside her vagina saw her brother’s penis.

  12. @ Kirsten – very weird!

  13. So yeah, scottspeig is probably right (#7). Still …. much ado about nothing. Certainly not worth killing yourself over (#4)

  14. Are we sure “Kirsten” isn’t really Angelina Jolie?

  15. Paranoid Android. Yes, I noticed that just as I clicked submit. I was going to post a correction, then thought “Ah what the hell, nobody is perfect”

  16. My dick is big. I’ve seen it!

  17. I don’t have a brother

  18. bollywood_rocks83

    I think people see Kristen as weird because she said it. Having a brother who is 10yrs older and four brothers, I’ve walked in/seen/heard embarrassed shit I won’t dare talk about. For me,the question is: how did she stay long enough to figure out it’s big? Maybe I just get embarrassed easily and don’t hang around long enough to check them out.

  19. ew.

  20. bollywood_rocks83

    dilysin, you can have mine. Plus, you get to sleep with them and keep them out of my hair.

  21. Blah fucking blah

  22. So he’s cheated constantly, and you hate it, but it only hurts you enough to log onto his Facebook and post the shittest, most redundant status of redundancy anyone who’s ever logged onto somebody else’s facebook has posted, but not enough to actually divorce the guy and just throw him the hell out? Jesus.

  23. @bollywood_rocks83…Yeah, I have unfortunately walked in on certain relatives like that. I remember seein’ my grandmother gettin’ out of the shower once. YIKES! It looked like two bananas that went bad.

  24. I’m guessing Kirsten was logged into her FB account and walked away from her laptop/desktop. Her bro noticed and figured he’d put out a good word for himself.

  25. Kirsten should reevaluate her life choices.

  26. I hate to even admit this but I found out I was married to my cousin. We are divorced now. 😀 We were third cousins and figured it out when his grandmother came over for dinner one night.

  27. Kristen and her brother must be fans of country music…

  28. Kirsten*

  29. lol maybe she saw it on accident!! like walked in the bathroom on him? idk.

    why would she admit it though??

  30. i once walked in on my sister getting in the shower. i definitely didn’t stay around long enough to check her out though…

    worst. dinner. EVER.

    hahaha well played….well played indeed.

  31. Apparently my uncle went out with a 2st or 3nd cousin for a while, but as soon as they found out they stopped. So yeah it happens. With distant cousins I suppose it is easy enough. I don’t believe I would stick with them, too disturbing.

  32. Now Kristen, how big is it? It’s not nice to tease.

  33. dirtylittlepretty

    other than the ‘i have shown my dick to my sister’ thing…Kristen’s brother has one really good thing going for him.

  34. I used to work with a young woman who was dating a frist cousin; they fully knew this, however. They met at a family function. Real talk. I was always stunned at this fact. I also reminded her on a regular basis that the family tree should actually fork.

  35. *first


  36. sneakypreacher I take it if your grandma waxes her nether regions if you go such a clear image.

  37. *got

  38. @BritishHobo – but it seems all she needs to do is continually go on his facebook and change his status to Married. And why do the right think in real life when screwing up over facebook is much easier?

  39. @Milo, if you noticed the discussion in that you would see he has his status listed as married. So she doesn’t have to constantly change his status to married.

    She needs to divorce his sorry cheating butt.

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