Friday, July 19, 2013

The Royal Birth

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  1. Sounds stupid…..

  2. Or a play…called “Hamlet” perhaps?

  3. They should name him Ralph.

  4. He’s more likely to die in a stampede of horses on the polo field.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I like turtles.

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  7. On second thought, they should name the baby Nancy K. Wurst.

  8. I don’t like how there are many people dying around the world, who can be helped yet all the media’s attention is on some hidden inbred-ridden baby who’s gender we want to find out about like it’s some sort of fucking Pokémon.

    What kind of society do we live in?

  9. Or, we could always have the spirit of Prince William visit his son when he is a young adult, force him to take revenge on the brother that killed him, only for his son to leave a girl and kill her father, enraging her brother when she commits suicide to challenge William’s son to a duel to the death, both of them succumbing to poisoned swords and Harry to William’s son’s blade. Oh, and Lady Katherine dies from drinking poisoned wine.

    Sound good, guys?

  10. ^It needs more explosions.

  11. apparently only beatus and I are old enough to get his Ralph reference

  12. Fake.

  13. #8
    The kind full of stupid people who feel that some so called royal family matters, and that gay marriage is a matter of religion as opposed to civil rights. We live in a society where the majority watch lies on the accredited news stations and believe them because its delivered by some big tittied bimbo or some square jawed ass hole. We live in a society where the people that ran a Ponzi scheme on the entire worlds economy get to walk away with the money and the idiots all blame realtors and banks. Ours is a society which allows the very small minority of idiots to make decisions about what we teach in schools because no one will take the chance of offending them. We live in society where only the stupidest of people serve on a jury because the ‘smart’ people can’t be bothered yet they can certainly complain about the results. Our society made the 99% one of the largest ever protests disappear overnight and no one questioned the revocation of not only our right to assemble peaceably, but our right to privacy, and our right to free speech.

  14. This isn’t the first time the world wide media has been obsessively reporting on what’s coming out of a royal cunt…

    They do it every year for the Queens Speech too!

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