Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sega Weirdo

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  1. What’s so interesting about Sega Weirdo? He seems like he has a decent sense of humor.

  2. I with you beatus, I think Joey’s the one with the problem here.

  3. Now I get why so many Texans say that Austin doesn’t belong in Texas: the rest of the state must lack a sense of humor.

  4. this must be a particular type of sub-humor that manifests only among folk involved in the secondhand trade of obsolete gaming consoles in the Greater Austin area.

  5. Light banter.

  6. To heighten the “weirdness” of this very innocent exchange of text messaging is a sign of some type of disillusion disorder . I’m sure you could tell the seriousness of ‘u crushed my dreams’ through your iPhone screen. I think its pretty fucking crazy you’re communicating to a potential seller via texting. And news flash weirdo , white guys do succeed. Ever heard of Steve Nash ? You fucking creep.

  7. I know I’m going to regret this…

    but, flamsie, “I think its pretty fucking crazy you’re communicating to a potential seller via texting.”

    exactly what year do you think this is, fuckwit?

  8. Flames sends letters. In the post. With postage stamps that his grubby little tongue has carefully licked… Blerck, no lunch for me today.

  9. Quite possibly the last 10 things I’ve bought were at least started via texting for communication. I have no idea what Flamer is talking about. Ever.

  10. It seems like all of you people don’t realize Joey was the one with the replies in green… He is the one with the sense of humor here.

  11. Meghan? You’re not using your real name as an ID here, are you?

  12. @Meghan, BOTH have a sense of humor. Sega Weirdo just isn’t quite as weird as Joey makes him out to be.

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