Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Selfie Payback

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  2. Is that Geraldo Riveria? ewwwwwww.

  3. Crystal has duck lips and should immediately be curb-stomped and dipped in acid until she dies a slow and painful death. It really takes away from the semi-funny thing she did by sending a picture of a creepy old guy to someone she didn’t know.

  4. ,^ slightly over the top

  5. What if she was the old dude, and was using the innocent young girl photo as a disguise? It’d be funny, but beware: people online may be deceiving.

  6. ^ more rational discussion

  7. What the fuck, why do I get thumbs down for pointing out it’s Geraldo Riveria? Clearly you kids have no idea who that is. Morons.

  8. Because Geraldo is a badass.

  9. lol. Hey he took that punch in the nose pretty well. I totally watched that shit when I was like 14. lol.

  10. haha have my head dipped in acid. Got to love those trolls!

  11. I had no idea who Geraldo was either- I just googled ‘creepy guy mirror selfy’ and this was my fave… I mean… look at that rig!

  12. ^ Wait, you’re the OP? And you’re commenting on your own submission?? For fuck’s sake, go the hell away… and fall headfirst into acid.

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  14. This is how Steever tries to find guys to date.

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