Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Thin White Line

Gas is cheaper now. Really worried the next pandemic will be dudes buying yellow Hummers again. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content! No Hummers!

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  1. There was an exact type police van parked in a disabled parking slot at the supermarket a few weeks ago, I took photos registration time and date and emailed it to the local station, They will know exactly who is driving at that time/date but im guessing nothing was ever done, Pulled up at some traffic lights just a few days ago and right by the side of me there was a police car and female officer driving was using her phone, [Not the police radio as that was still hooked up on her uniform] This was a slim phone with red case, I rolled the window down and got her attention and the wife snapped a photo while the officer still had the slim model phone up by her ear, She promptly dropped the phone into her lap but it was too late, That was also emailed but never heard anything back…surprise surprise.

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