Friday, July 27, 2012

The Way of the Commenters

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  1. I, the real T1000, declare this fake.

  2. Who was Amy Winehouse? And when did she die?

  3. Yawn.

  4. Man, oh man! I can’t believe ‘peeps’ in the comments section were being total dicks! Thank God we can come here and not have all that jazz going on! I love you all!!

  5. ^pussy. I fucked Joanna.

  6. Jeez…. that slow a day in the LB inbox that you guys had to dredge something up from a year ago? I kinda wanted to forget about Amy Winehouse.

  7. annoying_person

    T1000 is fake.

  8. ^gay

  9. Sucks about Amy Winehouse. She will miss the Olympics.

  10. totally GAY

  11. I submitted this. It isn’t fake.

  12. I, for one, will also miss the fucking olympics.
    by design.
    I just hope that nothing wonderful happens in the world (like someone bombing wall street) for the next however-long-it-is-until-the-olympic-crap-packs-up-and-fucks-off-of-my-news-feed.

    fuck all of the athletes, their coaches, trainers, masseuses, and their psychologists. also fuck their parents for bringing their utterly pointless asses into the world.
    professional sport. what a crock of shit.

  13. Said the fat lonely Jew. Also, months ago you said you didn’t have Facebook.

  14. I’m not lonely. I’d have to like people and not just want to hurt them to be able to be lonely.
    And I don’t have fucking fæcebook. I have a zuckerberg voodoo doll instead.

  15. I’d watch the fucking olympics.. when is that on MsAnne? And who’s fucking for Australia?.. god I hope it’s Hugh Jackman.

  16. carlosspicyweiner

    I tuned in just to see what the attention-whore queen of England was wearing. I take all my fashion cues from her, you know.

  17. ^ I only take bribes from her.

    Crusty, you say, “Jew,” like it’s a bad thing.

  18. frankenstein, I had you pegged as a heterosexual male… was I wrong?

    But yeah, I hope it’s Hugh Jackman competing in the Fucking Olympics too. Not that I think he’d come first, of course; his wife looks too happy for that to be an issue.

  19. Nah, I thought the same thing for awhile Bacchante. But much to my surprise, dear ol’ Franky is one of the penisless posters here on lamebook!

  20. Hoorah for Team No Penis!

  21. it is surprising that any women at all use lamebook.

  22. Mæn, I thought frænk was æ dude, too. Though I guess I never really thought about it too much.
    Hey MsAnne, I cæn mæke A’s like you, too! 😀

  23. @MsAnne

    “also fuck their parents for bringing their utterly pointless asses into the world.”

    Well at least you understand how the rest of the world feels about you. And the athletes have more point to their life than you spending all day posting on Lamebook. How meaningful and such a great contribution you provide to this planet and the human race. God, I feel sorry for you.

  24. ^ [farts]

  25. ^totally lol’d. But what was that you were saying earlier about sophisticated humour?

    And yeah, I’m a member of team No Penis. Yay!

  26. sophisticated humour I can get behind.
    that steaming pile of whining and complaining-like-a-bitch that poor terminally-butthurt mildstarr vomited out up there is not really worth anything more than the response it got though.

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