Friday, December 7, 2012

The Winning Fail

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  1. Fake.

  2. They do tell you that it doesn’t have to be work related.

  3. before I saw the receipt 4 $9258, I did not believe that…my… brothers friend really bringing in money part-time at there labtop.. there mums best friend has been doing this for only about fifteen months and recently repayed the mortgage on their condo and bought Fiat Multipla. I went here-=-=- BIT40,ℂOℳ -=-=-

  4. I wonder if spammers can effectively work as part of a team.

  5. You can’t just say you took part in an orgy. You have to explain exactly what you did during the orgy that made you a team player. Like, duh.

  6. I partly agree with frank. Being present is NOT the same as participating efficiently 😛

    Though: the detailed description I leave to your (hopefully) future employer, AND to frank, who obviously is interested.

    To us others, it is like sport- only interesting to watch if you’re unable to play yourself.

  7. Totally fake and really lame

  8. Uh-oh. Competition for powdered toast man has arrived.


  9. ^ Fear not. There’s no greater cockmuncher on earth than a Steever imitator.

  10. Next time tell them you swallowed.

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