Friday, February 26, 2016

The Wrong Buttons

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  1. Bitch should be touched at heart that her parents still feel it and are obviously very happy. Nothing to complain about.

  2. righteousindignance

    That’s right, bitches, your mom, too!

  3. So, from that post we can read between the lines and conclude:
    (1) “Having more sex now than when we were 30” means they both sleep around like whores with other people now.
    (“) “I cant get pregnant” means, “I still have to worry about protection so I dont get STD’s”
    (3) “We don’t have children who might wander in at any moment.. ” means she can now walk around the house butt naked for the 30 something neighbours to see and now advertises her sex life to her kids and family on Facebook directly instead.
    (4) “I’m not exhausted from teaching all day and doing housework…” means she’s got no crappy excuse as to why your dad and I could justfy not having sex with eachother anymore
    (5) “Knowing all the right buttons to touch” means after 60 years he’s finally figured out how to use the TV remote!

  4. up to I looked at the receipt 4 $8315 , I be certain that…my… neighbours mother woz like they say realy bringing in money parttime on their computer. . there dads buddy haz done this less than 10 months and just cleared the loans on their apartment and got a gorgeous Citroën DS . see post

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