Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Their Their, Chris


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  1. Well Chris, congratulations on proving your idiocy status for actually posting about the two ‘idiots’. Good luck breaking them up. Oh wait, you’re not going to? Why didn’t you say so instead of talking crap?

  2. Hell yheir…


  4. dontwannabeastickler

    erm … editor guy … should be they’re not their

  5. stickler: it’s sarcasm. s-a-r-c-a-s-m. chris misspelled they’re in the original.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of this “eachother” as one word lately, with no space, almost as if a tiny monkey brain were trying desperately to follow the same formation rule as the (totally unrelated) word “another”. So I don’t think it’s always a missed space bar. I suspect Chris would make it one word even if you handed him a pencil. Lame.

  7. They’re stupid people on facebook.

  8. Chris is clearly an authority on the subject.

  9. Your not serious?

  10. I hope you’re not either with that spelling error, Boz.

  11. They deserve eachother just like ‘each’ and ‘other’ deserve eachother

  12. @Eila Irony check: negative.

    As you were.

  13. @Dina: you fail at life.

    Stickler was clearly also being facetious, considering the title should read “there”, not “they’re” nor “their”.

  14. @Boz

    Don’t try to play it off. On the slim chance that it actually was intentional, it wasn’t even remotely funny.

  15. @Eila

    Just because you didn’t get it doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.

  16. Hmm, I’m scrolling, but I can’t find anyone else who found it humorous either. Carry on.

  17. There! They’re stupid morons and they’re on their Facebook page, there.

  18. @Anon

    Don’t let Eila see that – she’ll think your serious.

  19. Fail

  20. Normal (*rare!*)

    Your all stupid with you’re lame statements. Whose trying to be funny and who’s statement is just dumbass accidental spelling??

  21. @normal


  22. @ Boz….kisses 😛
    @ Candy…your too much like me…like i had a twin 🙂
    @ Flip….their some retards online this days 😀

  23. *cringes*

    Too much bad grammar in one place – sarcastic or not.

  24. Boz, I thought it was witty.

  25. Eila fails. Boz’s error was clearly deliberate, as he often makes similar jokes.

  26. i love Boz..Eila should cool off. who says it wasn’t funny ? i’m sleepy, in a bad mood n my eyes hurt (mostly my fault coz i can’t leave the laptop alone) and i still found it funny. chill~

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