Thursday, September 3, 2015

Therapy Session

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  1. First? Whoa.

    Remember that Hendrix played a guitar just turned upside down.

  2. Ummmmmm what if she’s lefty? Then it seems to be correct. Come on.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    People can’t fathom others being different.

  4. It isn’t that often when someone flips the guitar and learns how to play it backwards though. They make lefty guitars, and that is not one.

  5. You can play it lefty but you need to re-string it 🙂 I have never ever seen anyone play, even bass, with the thing strung upside down.

  6. shes just plain stupid

  7. Elizabeth Cotten played exactly like this (and it was the first way I learned how). They named a style of playing after her.

  8. I’ve only met one person that plays upside down, my brother-in-law. Even Hendricks swapped the strings around.

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