Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There can only be one…

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  1. Whoever submitted this should be horsewhipped.

  2. This guy is never getting laid. He obviously cares more for the M&M genetic line than his own.

  3. “There can be only one”?

    Not if your purpose is to improve the species, you idiot.

  4. Hopefully this is the same guy because is this a very famous (and old) post on 4chan.

  5. Either way it’s new to those of us who don’t visit that dank, dark corner of the internet that is 4chan.

  6. #3- You only need one M&M to reproduce. They’re asexual. Everyone knows that.

  7. ^ Damn you and your worm science.

  8. Ripping off Dave Barry is pretty lame.

  9. There’s not enough fucking weed in the world…well, my house anyway, for me to wade through that OP. I’ll have to claim TNEFWITW;dr.

  10. This guy stole this from a famous post on 4chan. Everyone put away your boners, this isn’t original.

  11. TNEFWITW;dr.

  12. 4chan, nothing. This has been around since at LEAST the mid-90s.

  13. which makes it about 5 years older than your average 4chan dirtbag.

  14. @toddvanhamburger

    What difference does it make where it came from? So if someone makes a genuinely funny post on a crap website, it’s alright if it’s stolen by someone?

    The guy is still taking credit for something he didn’t think of.

  15. when people are boring, i wish they were dead (^)

  16. ^ Dead’s boring to.
    drbathroommd, are you actually arguing the ethics of internet funnies?

  17. *too.

  18. ^fella.

  19. *fellow.

  20. *Fuckwit.

  21. Boring.

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