Friday, December 11, 2009

They’re Called “Privates” For a Reason





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  1. first ??? woohoo

  2. these suck btw.

  3. Wow did I call it or what? Gruss does have no sense of humour. Im sad for poor little gruss. Spending his/her/its days in a bleak grey little world. With the who’s down in whoville taunting him/her/it with their happiness.

  4. Gahhh who the hell would pay to see metallica? I guess a guy who doesnt understand the basic physics that cause a toilet to flush would be dumb enough to pay to see them.

  5. you called what who and when? Just seen funnier, these didnt even give me a chuckle.

  6. So, I understand the slang meaning of “bird”, but it took a few seconds before that got translated in my brain and let me tell you, that was weird.

  7. Good thing for the book Trainspotting (bird)! And for all you men, does the finger anal thing really turn most on? Because I hear it way too much, can’t say I ever would though.

  8. Oh and gruss FTW haha.

  9. Hey gruss, sorry you don’t like these. But I bet Lamebook is REALLY sorry you don’t like them. I read in their “About” section that their sole goal is to make you, gruss, laugh, and they don’t give a fuck about anyone else. Who cares if anyone else thinks these are amusing … It doesn’t matter. As long as gruss is happy, Lamebook is happy.

  10. Truer words were never spoken, thank you coolwip.

  11. posty mcposterson

    Is there a person in the history of FB that really wants to know these kinds of things about their friends? Why do people post such things?

  12. When I saw Metallica in September, my husband and I each had one beer. That shit was expensive, and that dude clearly dropped more than $100 on shitty beer.

  13. Coolwip FTW! And yes Gruss I called it when I saw you for the grinchy humourless lump you are.

  14. Don’t worry John. She was just looking for your prostate.

  15. I find it really hard to believe that anyone who consumed 11 beers can not only piss directly in the bowl, but also take a picture of it. I’m wondering if John’s “bird” is standing behind him, doing her thing while taking the pic…

  16. psh, John’s a pussy, everyone knows it’s only sketchy if a girl sniffs her finger afterwards, because then she’s clearly got some kind of fetish you most likely don’t want to get involved in.

  17. John dear , If you liked it I have some bad news for you…

  18. We’re obviously not talking regular beer here…this is the watered down shit they sell at rock concerts for $10 a cup. After 11, he’s probably dangerously close to water intoxication, but not likely very drunk.

  19. @Me do you secretly want me or something? Please point out one funny thing you said that I should have lol’d at? but since we are characterizing each other I see you as a prudish bitch that is so full of herself she can’t fathom the fact that not everyone agrees with her. Call the lamebook police on me, I dare ya!!

  20. ratcoons widow:

    It depends on how large of a person he is. It really makes a difference. I’m 6’5″ and about 275lb, 11 beers in a night would make me feel more full than drunk. Especially if it’s low-alcohol crappy beer. (And I know this from experience, I’ve had a LOT more beers than that and was still able to function just fine.)

  21. Oh yes Im so in love with you. Im secretly in plans to move out on my husband and hunt you down. Look out im gonna hide behind a bush jump ya and ravish your nerdy ass. I dont think I ever tried to be purposely funny on here. And lol’d at? Are you retarded? That explains lots.

    Also Im no prude babe. I’ll stick more then a finger up your ass. 😛 I’ll make you squeal boy! And I never alluded that I wanted you or anyone to agree with me. I just pointed out that you are humourless. The fact that you put first is surely proof of that.

  22. I fail to see your point, but your obsession with my ass is both frightening and intriguing.

  23. I wonder if she charged extra for the finger?

  24. @ scd: I see your point. I know 11 beers would have me stumbling, but I’m tiny.

    However, I still can’t believe the amazing aim he has. My hubby can’t aim that well when he is sober…

  25. Gruss I take it back. You may have some funny in you. My husband is the jealous type and made me give up stalking and molesting after we got married. That doesnt mean can’t gonna send Cousin Bertha out to cornhole you. Bertha has a gentle touch. At least that what I read on all those bathroom walls.

  26. ahhh see now that was amusing, I take back my stfu…and yeah my wife wouldnt really like you or cousin birtha playing with my bung, plus i’ve been battling the flu so since we’ve e-kissed and made up I should warn you its no place to be right now.

  27. I see lame people . . .

    LOLZ SeeBea!

  28. Haha John’s bird was collecting ‘paint’ for Suezette (from If so, she failed at the sleight of hand thing.

  29. LOL! O.k then. Good luck fighting off the flu.

  30. Me+Gruss=(e)K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

  31. I’m with the title – some stuff should stay private. Way private.

  32. That stream shot reminds me of my brother. After a night of beer, he would be at the bowl so long, that he’d fall asleep standing up. Marathon slash.

  33. When I saw Metallica in November, the beer was $10 a cup. So yeah, the guy essentially paid 2x more for the beer then he did for the ticket.

  34. Why would anyone want to pay $10 for a cup of watered down beer? Let alone several cups.

  35. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    A bird thought his wang was a worm and stuck a finger up his ass to pull it out?

  36. Annie brings the ‘exposed’ in Friends Exposed to a whole new level.

  37. John should be thankful. That normally costs extra.

  38. I meant to say november in my earlier post. Athousandtimes no, did you see them at van andel?

  39. Didnt like being told that i ‘like’ Lc’s post. I certainly did not like it!

  40. You have not lived until you have gotten a BJ with a finger up your ass. AWESOME!!!

  41. Doesn’t it start with a finger in the ass, then progresses on to being bummed in a gay bar? Well that’s what I hear anyway *insert shifty eyes here*

  42. god is such a releef wen u av ur peerioud n u is not preggo.
    am wating till 18 b4 ma kidz

  43. ^ Um what!?

  44. As if she was kidding about the Pussy !! Pussy is serious business ©

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