Friday, December 2, 2011

Things Got Ugly

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    Haha owned!

  2. Fuck Bennet, I take it back, he is my hero!

  3. You rock Peter

  4. loathe women like this. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful yet always complain that they’re ugly and fat. Go away.

  5. I seriously hope this girl doesn’t have body dysmorphia disorder. Peter is a bitter old fuck who can’t get laid.

  6. STFU, you don’t know shit about either of them

  7. @boomstick go outside once every year please

  8. Aww, Mary, you’re not ugly. I’d love to blow my load all over your kinda cute face.

  9. I’d say Mary is correct about her poor looks. The shitty haircut doesn’t help her out.

  10. Codename Dutchess

    I’m going to have to agree with physicist, any girl who covers half her face with hair and covers her main pic in a pink tint is probably a barker in real life.

  11. Dear spammer –
    Please die in a fire.
    Merry Christmas,


  12. Dear Mary,

    Yes. Yes you are. The only thing that will make you attractive is my schlong repeatedly jammed down your neck.

    Your welcome… wait… *you’re

    Now, gobble some knobble, you jizz-hag.

  13. Psssh. You call that ugly? Shop at Wal-Mart

  14. To be fair, when you are stunningly beautiful like Mary and me, people tend to hate you before they even get to know you – mostly out of bitterness and envy.
    I can’t speak for Mary, because I don’t know her, but in my case it is actually quite a prudent move. I’m a singularly terrible person who will cheerfully rip your head off and shit down your throat if you fail to live up to my arbitrary standards of intelligent conversation.

    Love, peace and light.

  15. I kind of doubt that picture really is Mary anyway. Some girls put random photos of other women as their profile picture. I know this because my cousin from South America does this. T_T

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “when you are stunningly beautiful like Mary and me” lol see why I didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself when you were pissing me off MsAnneThrope. You are actually funny.

  17. Apparently, Peter haven’t met MsAnne yet.

  18. ^ *hasn’t

    fucksocks, dawg, you monging fucking spastic, is your grammar like that because you’re trying to be ‘ironic’?

  19. Mary: I’m sooo ugly.
    Platonic Friend: No, you’re beautiful. Someday you’ll find the guy you deserve *puts his clothed erection as close to Mary as possible in the vain hope she will touch it*
    Mary: Oh, Platonic Friend, you are so sweet. Why can’t I find a guy like you?
    Platonic Friend: *GAAAAHHHHH!* You just need to keep looking, sometimes the love of your life is right in front of your face.
    Mary: I can’t believe what Peter just wrote about me. He’s such an asshole.
    Platonic Friend: Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t realize what a special flower you really are.

    *One Hour Later*

    Mary: Oh, Oh, OHHHHHHH. Peter, you know how to fuck me just right. *I will change your bad boy ways and make you love me*
    Peter: Guuhhh.
    Platonic Friend: Why am I so lonely?

  20. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Looks like a pic of Rihanna to me.

  21. Mary’s right. I just blew her up, and quite frankly, she’s a hot mess.

  22. I have been lurking lb for 2 years now and it’s safe to say that msannethrope is by far the most annoying troll i’ve ever seen here. And judging by his/her/it’s persistence, he/she/it’s not gonna stop anytime sooner. Great job msannethrope.

  23. GrammerNutzi,thank you for weighing in, but it’ll only encourage me, you know.
    Your discomfort is like crack to me.

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    GrammerNutzi I’m assuming MsAnneThrope is a she, unless of course HE is willing to be trans-gender in order to make his joke work.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Sorry I forgot the Wallace edition.

    Ms. Anne Thrope = Misanthrope

  26. From browsing lamebook it seems age 23 and under males have nothing better to do than troll online and disrespect women. How do so many girls and young women have these losers on their friends’ lists? Ugh I just saw a glimpse into what highschool and college is like for todays kids.

  27. Maybe she does actually have a mental condition such as anxiety or depression, but then I think it would take a colossal dickhead to comment like Peter did if she was suffering.

    She reminds me of the girls in my school back when MSN was popular. You would ask them if they were ok, they would reply with a serious “no i’m not ok” and then when you asked them what’s wrong they would say “dw it’s nothing”. It’s like attention entrapment.

  28. @BennyG … awesome story. Thanks.

    @punkinchunk(in)… Ugh, I hate people that use “ugh” it’s just so ugh.

  29. “attention whore” is more appropriate, unless she is in fact both an attention whore and a regular ol’ whore

  30. Lol…. Soup… That’s gold!

  31. love MsAnnThrope’s acerbic wit. Nearly peed a little at “monging fucking spastic”. Delicious!

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