Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This man is a genius

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  1. this man is my prime minister!

  2. I fucked Steevers mother after I executed him. get it? FUCKED HER!


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  4. First! .. Of the people who only have one personality.

  5. Yea, so turrible is your first name. . .

  6. A gamer who takes care of his personal hygiene… that’s the real innovation here.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    Just hope his Playstation isn’t a pervert.

  8. Your mom wants you to get a job, start paying rent, or move out.
    And stop taking so long baths.

  9. twistedthoughts

    I KNEW you could do it, Dane ^

  10. Firstly, the lag would be horrendous – facetime/skype/hangouts have an awful delay, so he would be just a successful doing it without.

    Secondly, he could just use his Sony phone (Z2 or Z3) or a Playstation Vita with the ‘Remote Play’ feature that is specifically designed for this task (playing PS4 away from the TV).

    This guy is a novice and a fool.

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