Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Mom

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  1. How does she know what shit tastes like??

  2. Oh ya; FIRST!!!

  3. ^Way to hit it, big money hustla’. Pure gangsta! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!

  4. So….I love Stever is really Stever, right?

  5. ^What if they’re all controlled by Stever, and each character sort of represents an emotional conflict within himself…?
    One hates/demotes Stever, one loves/praises Stever, and then there’s one that hates the one who hates Stever, meaning that he loves Stever. I guess his love conquers his hatred at himself in the end, which kind of explains his proud behavior and confident self-esteem. Kind of confusing, I know, it takes some thought.

  6. If you keep questioning if Steeeever got more personalities, it’s your own fault if you get raped by several Steeeever-clones!

  7. ^You’d watch it, wouldn’t you ya nasty

  8. What if we’re all just Steeeever aliases, complete with elaborate memories and backstories? Would we even know it?

  9. Haha what if everyone on this site is more concerned and thinking about STEEEEEVERRRRRRR!!!! Than anything else??? I know you guys all love/hate/love to hate me; but can’t get me off your minds! I must be doing something right! Hi Haters!

  10. Love? Hate? No, just bored of you.

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