Monday, April 25, 2011

Thought You Should Know…

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  1. wtf


  2. Austin and Lynz,

    I have some semen for you. Yes yes yes, you must protest before you suck some cock in order to save face but really, look up… yes that’s it, you are on lamebook, so by defn you already love to smoke pole. In fact, Greg is so lame, I can see you polishing his 4″ winky. Sad, true and about as redneck as you failtards are going to get get. Greg, you fucking bundle of fail, what the fuck is a 7+ ? A giant squirrel you ass-bandit?

  3. It means Greg needs at least a 7-inch dildo shoved up his ass. Ladies with smaller dildos or none at all need not apply.

  4. 7+ meaning hot scale… I am assuming.

  5. @4 I certainly hope so…

  6. what does dtf mean….

  7. dtf= down to fuck. It’s from Jersey Shore.

  8. DTF’s been around since before Jersey Shore. I first head it in Superbad, but assume it’s older than that. Jersey Shore is “GTL.” Excuse me while I go kill myself for knowing that.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    You know when I first read that… I thought it said must be 7+ as in, older than 7 years old. I was like this dude has some low standards.

  10. Greg, you loser.

  11. It isn’t summertime yet Greg, the new season of Jersey Shore hasn’t started just yet…you’ll get your chance, just be sure to tan until you get cancer.

  12. That sounds painful, Lynz.

  13. Me and a bunch of buddies decided to go stag to prom. I was not aware of the “DTF” requirement. Or that I was considered the “cute” guy. Now I’m employed at the local golf course as a windsock.

  14. Greg = prick / legend with some major balls ?

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