Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time for a change…

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  1. I bet that food smells like shit.

  2. It’s posts like these I wish they displayed the last name.

  3. Gross

  4. Trashy

  5. I’m sure the people at the table next to them loved that.

  6. This is the most interesting photo of someone’s food I have seen yet.

  7. Nothing classier than a self-righteous skank with an overblown sense of entitlement.

  8. So you’re going to punish a less-than-minimum wage employee for management decisions. You, madam, are a thunderc#nt of Jurassic proportions.

  9. Good idea, piss people off who handle your food. Nothing can go wrong.

  10. drive to that customer’s house and beat them with a sandpaper covered 2×4

  11. I’m surprised it’s not instagrammed.
    It’d be funny if it was.

  12. Nice tip.

  13. Really? You couldn’t find a baby change table in a restaurant so you changed a baby on the table? Instead of in the PRAM that was close by? And possibly, a little more comfortable for the little shit, than a wooden table?

  14. overandoverture

    Yeah, because it’s your server’s fault that the restaurant that pays them probably $2.15 an hour doesn’t have a changing station. What a bitch.

  15. Fucking cunt.

  16. Awesome job douchenozzle. Take it out on the server who naturally has total control over the existence of changing stations in the bathroom. Tell you what, why don’t you invite me over, and when I don’t find a changing station in your house, I’ll leave my kid’s shit-filled diaper on your coffee table. Sound fair?

    Guess asking to speak to a manager or writing to corporate headquarters would’ve been too drastic?

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