Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to Win!

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  3. Betty is my favorite.

  4. Betty is surely a winner…

  5. Those are trolls from f@ilbook where it first came out.

  6. Um, it’s really too bad that Betty also used improper capitalization and random [well, missing] punctuation marks. Which makes me sad, because she’s got a good point and a fine send-off. Oh, Betty.

  7. The first one is in a jokebook i own, and not original

  8. Carrie was a little bit annoying but the cow pic made up for it.

  9. Betty wrote that post with a minute thirty left on her lunch break. Cut her some slack. Spyder, you can be my favorite too.

  10. Never heard of it

  11. Breast implants are disgusting and an immediate turn-off for me (and actually everyone I personally know as well).

  12. ^you probably like dudes weiners

  13. What makes this funny is that Shahin is a guy – and, apart from Bieber, appears to have a soft spot for ridiculously over-trained body builders.

  14. hey darthvader (probably a nerd), shahin here , i didnt add them because i have a soft spot for them ! I added them to get inspired and tips in bodybuilding , something you never heard of 🙂

  15. Although by the looks of your profile picture, the inspiration hasn’t substantiated yet, has it?

    Sincerely yours,

    The probable nerd.

  16. lol , not yet but im trying

  17. vaginalroundhouse

    Haha, Crane likes weiners.

  18. Nothin’ wrong with likin’ dude’s wieners, brah. No homo.

  19. While Crane is right about implants being kind of gross, no, liking dude’s wieners is quite homo.

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