Monday, July 9, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. Holy fucking stupid, Batman! Those posts are seriously in a league of their own!

  2. Yup, Sandra caught a big one for sure. Right in the ass. Daddy is just enjoying the view and motion of the ocean.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    Sure, Kallie, people mistake “people with common sense” with “psychotic people” all the time.
    Extremely common error.

  4. I am trollolol and I approve these statuses

  5. ^ Hey! You spelled your own name correctly today!
    You must be so proud…

  6. … but omitted the initial cap.

  7. Stupid fucking bastard. And to think these fools can breed legally.

  8. So.. Joey’s yeast infection is the brains of the operation.

  9. Sandra, I am your father. And I fucked you.

  10. 1st one was an epic screw-up

  11. sicos

  12. It legitimately took me reading #2 all the way through twice to understand what the hell she was talking about. I guess I don’t have any common scene at all.

  13. Bread makes me poop, lady.

  14. mmm…common scene…sluts…fun, still…

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