Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tipsy Taxi

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  1. I wonder if it was a Ford Transit Connect.

  2. That made my night. 🙂


    Filed under Late Nights, page 2. I didn’t even spend hours searching for it or anything. And my good memory of lamebook’s previous posts is somewhat embarrassing.

  4. ^ embarrassing is the word I would’ve used, maybe pathetic or “lame”

  5. Isnt*

  6. I totally did not expect that. Funny

  7. Mikejones, a good memory is pathetic?

  8. Haha BOOM!

  9. i remember it too bluhevs. i haven’t looked at that one but is it the one that refers to a bus and not a taxi? i remember reading one with a bus.

  10. That’s the one.

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  12. What is with all these old jokes? Seriously, though. Maybe if you’re 15 or younger these are new to you. I’m starting to really hate lamebook.

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