Monday, January 6, 2014

Titanic Idiot

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  1. I’d be more disturbed with the 20 likes, but people have told me 9/11 never actually happened so I can’t be surprised

  2. And it appears the 21 more people could have gone down with that ship and it not had any negative consequences on humanity.

  3. FIRRRRRSSSSSST….post not from a syphilic douche bag!

  4. Heh… Blacktown…

  5. Speaking of a chlamydic douche bag, how is ya I Lust Steeever? You didn’t get this one did ya? That’s ok.

  6. If you keep being an ignorant american fool, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  7. Leo was really King of the world. Not that bitch, Rose. She was putting out to every guy on that boat.

  8. Key that can open any lock = Master Key. Lock that can be opened by many keys = slutbag.

  9. Angelica C. Cruz

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  10. The Beast Among Us

    Australian, not American.

  11. ^ Does that matter? The Titanic was British, and we all still know it was real.

  12. Yeah, Blacktown is Aussie.
    It’s not PC in America to call a place Blacktown. In North America we call it Detroit.

  13. I need to stop reading Lamebook comments…

  14. The Beast Among Us

    Amen, Joonebug.

  15. 🙄

  16. Titanic was an inside job! Ice can’t tear steel like that! Open your eyes sheeple! Clearly the government staged the ‘accident’ as a pretense to invade Iraq nine decades later.

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  18. I hope Jonathan managed to ask the customer if they wanted fries with their order before arguing 😉

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