Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TMI Tuesday!

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  1. Lorenz, it wasn’t the lube.

  2. Shadoe, that is a good question, also BEN whatever that means

  3. Shadoe, looks like blisters, hurts like a motherbitch.

  4. So I’ve been told.

  5. George will deliver the special of the evening:

    Kum of Sum Yung Gai

  6. that was quite a long dump.

  7. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh word, I’m glad you wrote comment #4! lol

  8. A 22 hour dump would be a good dump.

  9. I always want to smack people that talk like Yolanda does.

  10. it looks like a colesaw i fink loooool my mate had hed of a gal with a colesaw once an he got herpes from it an ya cant get rid of it now so now he can onli hav sex wen it anit enflames we cal him herp harry loooooool

  11. I’m never eating coleslaw again.

  12. loooooool british i dunt meen the colsaw u hav with a salad i meen the one u get on ur face that looks lik a nipple

  13. A cold sore? xD

  14. is that wat its called? i fort it was colesaw but coldsore makes more sence

  15. Ah yoink, you crazy.

  16. the conversation between hobo and yoink was hilarious…thankyou 😛

  17. Yoink and Hobo- that conversation was better than most lamebook entries! Thanks for the laugh!

  18. so u can eat salad in this hot weaver wivout worryin the colesaw will make ur cock srivvel loooooool

  19. Yoink, Hobo, thanks 😉
    tears are falling down my face… no condom here…

  20. BWAHAHA!! Yoink, please comment more often!

  21. Yeah, I’m supposed to make coleslaw for the 4th. I think I’m going to reconsider my makings. (btw, the 4th is ee’s birthday. Yay me!)

    lube in the eye does irritate. Just so you all know.

  22. Oh jeez, I thought you meant colesLaw, yoink. I was wondering what the hell kind of cole slaw your mom makes, as I have never before seen any that could compare to herpes

    I am SO glad that you cleared that up (the cole slaw, not the herpes), because my brain was hurting trying to figure out what you meant.

  23. I thought that’s what he said too. Attempting to say coleslaw, it got my mind going. I’d rather go with the coleslaw then the cold sore for giggles though. Either way, both have now grossed me out.

  24. Britishhobo and yoink made my day.

  25. And yoink, I am sorry I gave you a sorta hard time yesterday. I thought you were putting us on, man, but… I guess you’re for real. No one, and I mean NO ONE, could consistantly mispell things the same wrong way all the time on purpose.

    You do brighten up these comment boards, dude. So, you’re not a teenager, huh? And not a pikey. Just outta curiosity, how old *are* you, and approximate whereabouts? I’m super curious.

  26. I’m never having Cole slaw again regardless..just to be save.

  27. Yoink apparently has a girlfriend too…

    you impress me yoink, you stud-muffin.

  28. Am I weird for being annoyed that Andrew incorrectly separated the word aforementioned?

    And lol at coleslaw/cold sore… yoink please don’t ever stop commenting, in fact if you keep it up this site will have to add a category for funny lamebook comments.

  29. mastaprop na im not a teenager wel i am a bit im neely 20 an im from north england dunt realy wonna say were tho an yea wondabread i got a gf had her neely 5 munfs now

  30. Oooh how exciting!! My first ever post!! Before you all start groaning at the thought of having to go through the whole ‘ben/frodo/pool thing AGAIN, don’t worry, I’ve been stalking you all for just long enough to have heard the whole back story-and for just short enough to have gained crushes on a few of you! (Predominately this ‘yoink’ fellow. I’d eat his coleslaw any day…)

    Which leads me to my point, yoink, I want to hear more on this girlfriend of yours. 5 months? Are you happy with her? Does she treat you right? Because, jus’ sayin’ (stop me here if this is out of line) but uh…some things shouldn’t be held back from society-if you know what I mean?

  31. Welcome Lushgamine. You may now bow down to me

  32. If I was a fella I’d always send ladies pictures of mu little brothers junk, that way they’d never be too disappointed.

  33. I agree with lushgamine.

    Tell us yoink, how are things going? Is it a health relationship? Do you think you’ll pop the question? Explain everything! She seems like a lucky lady.

  34. healthy*

  35. I’ve never prayed harder for someone to be a troll. It’s better than there actually being someone out there like yoink.

  36. krasivaya_devushka

    See, I knew you’d all start liking yoink!

  37. First person to like yoink goes to alordslums, second to krasivaya, I claim third! I have no idea why this matters. It could be the.,. Nope, it’s just the booze. Couldn’t think of anything else.

  38. @ nuff I’ll take last place, haven’t warmed up to it yet, but it is more charming than that I Am Not Here that has her guards up like she’s in an all girls Catholic school!

  39. Hey Lamebook, why am I logged out on the newer post?
    Also I claim first person to have a civil conversation with the guy and vause you all to like him, so there :p

  40. http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/more-and-more-morons#comments

    hobes there must be something vaguely civil amongst that lot. it marks the advent of yoink. scholars will argue in the future about whether it was 2010AD or 2033AD that is the start of the yoinkinese calendar.

    all i know is that today is one of the first days ever of a fresh universe, like virgin snow, in the year of our yoink.

  41. I like that Yolanda addresses her posts to Facebook. It’s like when Homer Simpson wrote a letter to Die Hard.

  42. I just love a nice twenty-two hour dump!

  43. i claim last cuz i’m still not all warmed and cuddled to yoink and i’ve been watching and trying to pronounce outloud most of his writing.

  44. I am not sure I understand why Yoink types the way he does. Is “dunt” really that much easier to type than “don’t”? But I guess he has been typing that way for munfs now, hard to break habits.

  45. TealeaMD, because Yoink is a product of the stay home and collect welfare losers of the world. For some idiotic reason, yoink either thinks it’s cool to write like a dumb ass or in fact yoink is that stupid. Either way it shows the level of ignorance yoink possesses! Loser!

  46. No, no, no…Yoink is from North England, alot of them simply type how they speak. Dunt. Munfs. Just that accent the Northerns beautifully carry…

  47. Lipstick Lesbian Beach Volleyball Land —Rating PG-13


  48. Penny- I understand accents. But spelling should not suffer. English accents to ghetto accents to just plain stupid causes people to not even try to spell correctly and therefore causes me to get headaches thus increasing my hatred for the general public. No one is perfect, but it is getting out of hand.

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