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  1. Hold up. “Emmalynn” is allergic to milk, so the boyfriend can’t consume milk products? And even of that made any sense, then how could he cook with it? Does cooking kill the part of milk that causes allergies?

    Dude, just admit you have a breast-milk fetish and quit using twisted logic to explain your disgusting actions.

  2. I think he means that SHE can’t have milk or cheese? But if that’s true then why is it around?

  3. And what’s with all the “Ew that’s gross!” talk? I’ve never had breast milk, but how can milk from a boob more gross than milk from a cow’s teat?

  4. Excellent point, Jeffrey. So do you also eat people steaks?

  5. I’m with you jefferyd, I love boobs and I love milk. I’d try it. Now I have to find a pregnant chick for some nookie and milk.

  6. When I was very young, I accidentally used my cousin’s expressed milk from the fridge in scrambled eggs. It gave us all the shits!

  7. Yeah, because that’s the exact same thing.

  8. My youngest brother was born when I was 12 and my other brother was 8. We often dared each other to drink some of the breast milk that my mom had to pump when she went back to work… The most I could do was to get the tip of my finger wet and then lick it. That’s how I know breast milk is kinda sweet… But yeah, the thought of it kinda grosses me out.

  9. It is different because human women’s breasts are perceived as sexual objects, cows udders (I hope) are not.
    So when a woman is using her breasts for what they are there for and her sexual partner takes pleasure from using the milk for his infant, it is both weird and gross.

  10. Actually, it’s no different than cow udders being perceived as a food source and human udders NOT being seen the same way.

    That being said, human milk is relatively high in fat and contains plenty of nutrients. Yes, it’s a little sweet, and yes, I’ve tried it. Figured I wanted to know why my kids were always yelling for it.

    As to the sexual aspect of the whole thing, remember that an equal number of WOMEN AND MEN are aroused by lactating. Many new mothers have orgasms from nursing babies. There is nothing weird or gross about any of it, unless you have a personal perception that makes it that way for you.

  11. Women do not have orgasam’s from breastfeeding ohiodemon. That is compeltely wrong.
    Maybe you’re confusing it with orgasmic birth or the fact that oxytocin (the love hormone) is released during breastfeeding, but nope, that’s just not possible as breastfeeding doesn’t have anything to do with the reproductive organs used for sex.

  12. Thrillhouse320

    I tried breastmilk….its pretty gross.

  13. tits

  14. i’m surprised beatus hasn’t posted “Boobs: fact” yet.

  15. ariososweet- your post has not one correct fact in it.

  16. Actually, ariososweet, you’re completely wrong. Many women have orgasms while breastfeeding. It’s well documented.

    Also, breastfeeding doesn’t deal with the reproductive organs, but it does deal with one hell of an erogenous zone.

  17. All this talk of breastfeeding orgasms is gonna cause me to do a double-take the next time I’m doing the nasty and the wife is moaning “oooooh baby, yes!!”

  18. Also, a whole bunch of Britney Spears music has just taken on a new meaning to me.

  19. @onthesunnyside, so by your logic:

    “So when a woman is using her breasts for what they are there for and her sexual partner takes pleasure from using the milk for his infant, it is both weird and gross.”

    If a bull did the same thing to a heifer, would that be considered weird and gross or what?

    Hey—just wondering how you get that logic there. Womens boobiehs, I’m sure were never really meant to be sexual objects, it just happens that some of us are aroused by having them touched (as some of you men and lesbians are aroused by touching them). If no womens breasticles were sensitive, would men get pleasure from them? Probably not. Part of the arousal for me, is probably, because women get pleasure from them as well.

  20. #13
    So far your comment is the most intelligent and factual. This saddens me. Yet because it’s all about boobs I am still happy.

  21. If members of the opposite sex weren’t attracted to breasts, then human women would only have enlarged breasts when other primates have enlarged breasts – after giving birth. Homo sapien females have enlarged breasts all of the time because Homo sapien males found them attractive.

  22. onthesunnyside

    OK, the conversation is probably long over on this, so I’m late to the party. I wasn’t clear, but that is why I would be weirded and grossed out if my husband tried my milk for our infant. I’m not going to lie, I am totally grossed out by the entire idea. Unless it is a Grapes of Wrath situation, I think human milk is for babies solely.

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  24. Miranda lols too much.
    Stupid cunt-nugget.

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