Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Too Cheesy

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  1. I assume she sucked it.

  2. She kneeled right into that one..

  3. Hey look it’s this post again.

  4. Where is beatus??

  5. Starbucks t-shirt and silver chain… I don’t know, I guess that’s funny

  6. This is how my husband and I met.

  7. Dammit, I posted before I meant to. It was supposed to say this is how my husband and I met. and instead od a joke it was a jack shoit with a long island iced ted chaser and I woke up pregnant. 20 years latwer Imstill with him and still drunk.

  8. I’m traveling this week, Lost Dog. Don’t worry, though, I’m still around.

    This joke sucked.

  9. You know your boyfriend has swag when he has a Starbucks shirt.

  10. sleptwithghosts

    somebody just played the last of us.

  11. Welcome back Beat, was concerned that you’d fallen prey to the Las Vegas heatwave I saw on the news.

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  13. I was born here. Heat waves like this are very typical, so I’m used to them.

  14. necrophiliac64258

    Beiber’s cool, One direction is cool, having the kind of haircuts that just make you want to punch them in the head and now starbucks shirts? No wonder I hate kids so much.

  15. I honestly don’t know if I could refrain from punching that guy in the picture. He just looks like he needs to be punched repeatedly and very hard right in the face.

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  17. necrophiliac64258

    Now I want to punch Irma in the face.

  18. I once made my fourteenth wife laugh…

    Nope not laugh, sorry. I made her fist her sister. Always get them two mixed up.

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