Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Much Tuesday

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  1. First!

  2. Ben.

    And seriously, people. Who smells their girlfriend’s farts? Break up with him. Now. Then move and change your phone number. He probably has a little shrine to her in the back of his closet, complete with hair clippings and pilfered panties. Sick.

  3. Sid’s message to Mohini continues…
    “in circles around your butt-hole before smelling your farts”

    It’s alot more common than people think

  4. that’s not love, that’s just gross.

  5. The saddest part is, you just know that Sid and Mohini are fully aware of the difference between wall post and inbox message and yet still choose to share this with hundreds of people (assuming they have that many people on their friends lists between them). Why they think we all want to see this crap I don’t know. You have sex! Whoopty f.cking do! So does the rest of the world.

  6. …and besides, Sid’s technique is so predictable and standard. At least try to be inventive if you insist on showing off.

  7. I like the fact that he’s going to caress his tongue.

  8. I don’t see a career in poetry-writing in Sid’s future…

  9. Why would you tape nipples? I’ve heard of taping boobs but never nipples.

  10. It’s either so they don’t show through her top or she’s planning to go jogging bra-less.

  11. I agree with Sophie

  12. Camouflage!! Nice. The ghetto way, painters tape. I think for the same price as a roll of tape you’d be able to purchase nipple covers/shields from bra/running store. No?

  13. By the fuck, Adam.

  14. LOL, I wonder if he has rushed to the toilet to check out her logs and then love her more for them.

  15. Dammit I was going to comment on Sid’s tongue-caressing, but AfroNinja beat me to it. But I’m going to comment anyway.

  16. That’s not love,that’s a weird fetish lady.

  17. My ex used to show that she loved me by making me poop on a glass coffee table, while she was laying underneath it.

  18. I threw up in my mouth a little when I read the last one. I’m not joking.

  19. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I don’t get the first one. Wouldn’t it have been less painful to just wear a sportsbra if she was going running/working out, etc? She wouldn’t need a Victoria’s Secret one if money was the issue. I’m sure the dollar store even has them!

    I wonder if Sid did that on purpose being that East Indians are conservative about sexuality… (ignore the current population #s :o) hehe)

  20. Runners often tape their nipples to prevent chafing. Running long distances (i.e. marathon) really takes a toll on them πŸ™‚

  21. I hope Sid dies.

    Good day.

  22. I’ve done the whole tape thing. Kinda liked it…

    And Sid: I like a good sex story as much as the next gal, but please, that so boring!!

  23. I think eenerbl, wordpervert, Soup etc are about to show Sid how it’s REALLY done… πŸ˜›

  24. mcowles! fuckfuckfuck. no.

    @19 – that’s racial profiling. you wouldn’t expect that from a monkey.

    also Sid probably plays lots of WoW

  25. Oh, no, mcowles, no. Overshare.

    Why do I think Sid and Mohini must be around 15? It would explain the need to show off their sexing, but adds to the horror of the situation for me.

  26. Fuck Sid use some imagination …don’t be so typical, learn from Gloria and Adam then maybe Mohini will be next time at 12:40am

    and mcowles WTF please tell me that was a joke and please tell me that is why she is an EX

  27. Thank you, mcowles.

  28. lol

  29. Really malteaser this didn’t give you an ALL CAPS LOL

  30. I love the fact that for the last one, everyone just jumped to ‘disgusting fetish’ and no one even considered the possibility that Adam might be Gloria’s child. It’s definitely the kind of the thing a little boy would do.

  31. Katelyn, have you tried duct tape?

  32. @ 30 – Because it’s waaaay more fun to assume it’s a disgusting fetish. Duh.

  33. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @lamobook… what do monkeys know anyway… hehe

  34. Easy to assume Adam is the beau, considering she ‘tried’ to fight him off – who can’t punt a child? Besides, that situation is more likely to be produced by couples than mother-child. I don’t think that’s a common thing to do for little boys.

  35. @mccowles-glass bottom boat, classy! can’t understand why you let that one get away!

    gloria, it’s not love, it’s fucking gross. i know it’s a very thin line, but come on.

  36. @Gloria – EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!

    That is all.

  37. “Who can’t punt a child?” πŸ˜€

  38. Ummm, it was a joke… we used a wooden coffee table, not glass.

    We were confused for a long time as to why it wasn’t as fun as the porno made it seem like it would be.

    We also got kicked out of the church’s office for turning their coffee table into another pew……. πŸ™‚

  39. @languorous

    Are you serious? Little boys are obsessed with farts. Also why do you think that situation is more common for couples – have you never seen a mother lying on a bed near/generally playing with her child? I guess not, since you seem to also think normal people would punt their beloved offspring.

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