Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top Problems

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Women aren’t allowed to wear bras in public?

  2. Dr.LesterForeskin

    I wear a bra out in public all the time, never once have I had a problem.

  3. I cant beleve I just bought Ford F-450 only from working parttime off a home pc. this link


  4. I cant beleve I just bought Ford F-450 only from working parttime off a home pc. this link

  5. I don’t understand, are they trying to say gays should be allowed to wear bras in public one they are married?

  6. Another activated minority against everything sinful. Watch out. You Will be the next victim if you allow yourself to be. Please, if you feel like condemning a whole group of people you have no understanding of, call me. I will casually explain how dumb you are.

  7. What are you talking about? I am all for gays wearing bras in public! But of course only if they are married because it is sinful without the lords blessing!

  8. Yea, so is two girls at one time. The Lord blesses me every time.

  9. @sweetatas how the fuck are we supposed to call you if you won’t give out your number? Give your number. Now.

  10. 867530000000009eine

  11. I tried that number but I just got gays wearing bras on the line!

  12. Sorry, I’m busy with two girls.

  13. Sweet! but sinful!

  14. My boobs are nice, but these pairs are phenomenal! Sinless pleasure. Sinless. They’re asking for it, and the Lord blesses me.

  15. The lord blesses you all in your mouth and all over your face.

  16. If you keep getting raped, it might end up with a cumshot!

  17. Finally Dane is funny!

  18. Rape is never funny, you dumb fuck.

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  20. Just like you Dane!

  21. katarani, Get back in here you tosser…If you take the time to correct your post you can respond to me you spammy fuck!

  22. I want to eat some bikini bottoms…..

  23. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Take them off of her and eat what’s underneath. That’s more fun.

  24. ^ It…it’s a TRAP! One cockmeat sandwich coming up!

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