Monday, January 28, 2013

Trail Tales

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  1. And just when I thought puns couldn’t get any worse… Then came lamebook

  2. Most pathetic post I’ve ever seen.

  3. Here lies the death of pun.

  4. Nice!

  5. Terry, short for Terrence is a male name, it is far more common as a male name than Teri (with one r & ending in i), short for Teresa is as a female name.

    Toni with an i is female
    Tony with a y is male
    Geri is female
    Gerry & Jerry are male.

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  7. jennidavid36, don’t be stupid. She’s dealing drugs.

  8. Geri curl.

  9. I think this site needs a name change to LamePunBook

  10. Oh and thanks for the name lesson Eba, glad we have people like you on here to provide quality enlightenment.

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