Monday, January 2, 2012

Troubling Times

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  1. Don’t feed Kelsey the Cunt Goblin after midnight. Or get her wet.

  2. I have to do the Siri name prank to someone. It’s so mischievous…

  3. People jus’ be injecting shit everywhere

  4. #1 do jokes about testicles still get classed as ‘dick jokes’? i don’t think i’ve ever heard the phrase ‘ball jokes’..

    #2 heh. ‘cunt goblin’.
    I choose to believe that Siri is actually her mother.

    #3 …and nothing of importance was lost

  5. Either lochie is a Dbag who deserves it, or ginger is a class a bitch. More likely the latter.

  6. His balls are sized infinity?

  7. @jimsthename, think you’re looking into it waaaaaaaay too much, it was a funny joke and serves him right for having such a pointless fucking symbol as his status.

    I fucking love “cunt goblin”.

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