Monday, January 14, 2013

Truly Heartwarming

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  1. LOL what the fu*k?! I got interested and forgot that this is “lamebook”. I’m sitting here like “aww” and then BAM he’s dead. Great ending.

  2. Heheh.

  3. for the first 97% of this story i was thinking ‘i’ve read this before’. for the final 3% i thought ‘wait, no i haven’t’.

  4. May an elephant caress you with his toes.

  5. Finally something truly worthy of lamebook

  6. ^ Really? Where have you been the last week?

  7. As an LSU alum, I had to give this one a read. All I can say is, HAHAHAHA!!! That’s all 4 years at LSU taught me ;P

  8. Ann Thorpe likeshorsedick


  9. This was a good one. Made me laugh.

  10. Been doing the rounds in Australia for about a decade :/

  11. ^ I feel better for knowing that, thanks.

  12. @ No.8 have you created an entire profile just to slag off Msannethrope…only to spell their fucking name wrong? You deserve a slap.

  13. by entire profile I mean “username”.

  14. this story is older than electricity

  15. ^ No, electricity has been around longer, we just hadn’t discovered yet how to harness it.

  16. I found this update heartily amusing.

  17. # 8 spells Ann Thorpe the same way that ytmutation used to…
    Dude, is that you?! How goes the righteous indignant rage?

  18. In a round about way, lots of people like horse dick. Without horse dick you get zero horse babies, and without horse babies you get zero adult babies. And without horses, you get zero hot horse riders. So fuck you.

  19. ^ who are these “hot horse riders” you speak of? They all look like a horse, even if they weren’t born looking like one they soon develop a likeness.

  20. I don’t understand how you can’t have ‘adult babies’ (human children?) without foals? Can you please elaborate, crusty?

  21. I love how I got 2 thumbs down for saying I was an LSU alum. Well played, Bama fuckers, well played.

  22. I’m also an LSU grad. I also got the jab about this being an elephant and Bama and…yeah…

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