Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Try Again…


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  1. I can imagine few things sadder than a grown woman thinking that a komodo dragon is an alligator. I’m sure in a few years we’re going to see her with her kids at the zoo, describing every large cat as a “tiger” and mixing up the rhinoceroses and hippos.

  2. Whilst the idea of impressed humping my leg make me tremble with anticipation, I have better things to concentrate on. Like spreading the word that this is NOT a komodo dragon.

    I understand why TrainReq thinks it’s a colander flagon, as it is deceptively similar. However, due to my choice of biological specialisation, namely extinct species, and my love of art, I can tell you this wasn’t taken at an aquarium, but an art museum. It’s the famous painting, “A Dodo, gagging”.

  3. Oh, wow- Ben and TrainReq- that was awesome!!!

  4. I like this site just to read the comments afters… And Ben your’s were funny! She actually found out about her post and came here? I would be too embarrased!

  5. I think that this post has been my favorite one ever- and the comments are really what made it the best. I wish that I could wrap it up and give it to someone for Christmas.

  6. does anyone no her last name???

  7. Id tap that! And the hot chic too 😉

  8. Whitney’s hot, so I can forgive her being a total dunce.

  9. So long as it’s not a commode dragon – it might cause you a nasty fright and bite you on the bottom!

  10. I can screw my eyes up and unpixelate her. She is an awfy bonnie lass.

  11. I enjoyed Ben and Trainreq’s exchange waaaaay more than the post lol. ‘Corroded Wagon’ Haha great stuff sirs.

  12. I’m thankful for Joshua @25. But Devin (49), why is she a ladder?

  13. Rofl,even the guy in the caption still loses *Komodo Dragon*
    Chick HAS to be american.

  14. Thanks, Ben & TrainReq, your comments were totally inspired!

  15. Ben and TrainReq, you guys rule.

    With my amateur knowledge of car/squid interspecies breeding I was going to proclaim it a DeSoto Kraken, known to guzzle plenty of gas and be extremely docile on land. This would also explain the lack of sharks – the DeSoto Kraken’s fave appetizer!

  16. @TrainReq and Ben
    LOL!! 😀 Comments like yours are the reason I come back. That was inspired bedtime reading. “Corroded wagon”…:D

    PS. No come=cum jokes, please.

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