Thursday, November 21, 2013


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  1. Good repost.

  2. Know how i know they’re English? They used “your” correctly.

  3. ^Ohhh my guess would have been the fact that they work at Newcastle international airport

  4. Carib, shut the fuck up. People don’t misspell “your” as “you’re”, it’s the other way around they goof it up.

    Anyway, could you just go ahead and die or something? thanks.

  5. If you keep using facebook at airports, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  6. You know how I know they’re English? They’re really ugly.

  7. my Aunty Bella just got Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible by working part time at home… learn the facts here now….. b­u­z­z­1­6.c­o­m/

  8. You know how I know they’re Engilsh? They work for the TSA and they’re white.

  9. Know how I know the person who posted this is a stupid American? The TSA doesn’t exist outside America.

  10. lamestbooker, are you saying that the Newcastle International Airport ONLY employs English nationals? Sounds a tad bit discriminatory to me.

    Fat Fuck, you obviously haven’t been around lamebook long enough to know that you’re fucking wrong since many posts are on here with people fucking up the proper use of “your” and “You’re”. As to your request, instead of dying I’d rather see Elsior fuck your mother, i love steeeever get turned out by Steeeever and StupidDane rape your ass. Life is too sweet, cunt!

    Bitch fit over.

  11. ^lol

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  13. Please don’t summon Elsior.

  14. ^The fated day will come.
    (no pun intended)

  15. Chill guys xxx

  16. For the record LB…..There’s no TSA over in England assuming it’s the Newcastle in the UK.
    But there sure are pasty white ugly fucks aplenty…..

  17. “my Aunty Bella just got Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible by working part time at home…”
    You know how I know your Aunty Bella is fake?
    You can’t get a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible by working part time at home, you actually have to get up off your ass, walk into a dealership, and express interest in purchasing one.

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  19. ^ wow $17.90. I’ve never heard of income like that. Just sitting and typing.
    All I need now is a typewriter and I’m there!

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  21. I got paid in crabs for screwing your mom.

  22. I’m sure those two were working there in September 1992 when I last used Newcastle to fly to and from Alicante.

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