Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs! Part 1

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  1. @50, I second that, I wish there was a character limit.

  2. oh dear oh dear! What a commotion I have caused!!!
    Sorry for all the innocent bystanders injured in the carnage.

    However I must agree with Ben. Mackadal – you are a royal freaking douche.

    If I had not been thrown to the lions already Mackadal, I would argue that my desire to beat this “angel” stems from just how patronizing she is. By posting such a ridiculous status suggests that people with autism (if thats what we are supposed to say) are incapable of fighting their corner by themselves. It trivializes the whole thing.

    She says that Autism is not a disease, which is alot of crap. According to the nearest dictionary a disease is “an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning.” Therefore Autism is a disease. That was what irritated me most about her absurd ramblings.

    Anyways your a jerk. And if you, apparently are not one of us “normal” people, then I am glad my child/children will not turn out like you. Im with glueyourfingers on this one. Whats wrong with wanting children NOT to grow up with with a mental disfunction?

    And assuming you know sooooo much about me from 20 words just makes you look stupid.

    I suppose ill get back to my country club now.

  3. 2 things..

    1. Anyone who posts such attention seeking nonsense in their status CLEARLY does not understand or respect those with a mental illness.. It’s Facebook.. Go 100% stupid and join an Autism Facebook group because that’s really going to make an impact on society.. Or better yet, become a fan of Autism.. Seriously change your fucking tampon and move right along..

    2. This is the internet.. I can google Autism and think I know what I’m talking about.. No, no, no.. I’d rather make a mistake sharing my opinion than making statements I found on a website.. And whoever tried comparing a disease to the Holocaust need to get beaten by sleepybear <- Macakadal clearly needs anger management aka to be shot..

    The End

  4. Oh and the novel you write in response.. Find someone who cares to publish it..

    I want to join Sleepybears Angel beating country club..

    Who said that?

  5. @Sleepybear: *you’re a jerk…

  6. Macakadal, psst, Macakadal, psst, here, your a fucking tool

  7. Hahahaha!
    @ Spastix: * you’re

  8. sorry, one of my beaten and poisoned little monsters pulled the apostrophe key off in a normal and well-balanced temper tantrum. Plus my grammar sucks.

  9. that’s ok, I’m just as bad, I save my good grammar and apostrophe for special occasions normally.

  10. Autism is classified as a DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER, not a disease.There is a huge difference between a disorder and a disease.

    I work with autistic people as a second job/volunteering and most do not want to be cured (ranging from low function to high function)…and yes most people with it are fine with people saying that.Its messed up organizations like “Autism Speaks” that want to play semantics and distract from the fact that the money people give them…real autistic people have no say as to where it goes.

    I am also on the spectrum myself, and carry another disorder that will probably be put on the spectrum with time (Tourette’s). Despite being able to speak well, I do have some of the really severe sensory symptoms but I still do not believe in a “cure”.

    Its natural for people to seek a cure for what they don’t understand or to try and “help” people they feel are less fortunate.

    Here is my problem with the cure for Autism:

    Autism Speaks:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDdcDlQVYtM (WTF)

    A breakdown of what Autism Speaks spends its money on:


    Most of these kids have ways of communicating if you find their “niche”. There was a girl near where I live that her family had no idea she even knew words until one day she got on the computer and bang…she was an 8 year old girl typing like a 20 year old english major.

  11. sixtieth!

  12. I just assumed mackadal flipped out on sleepybear because he said, “first.”

  13. Come on… many people on the internet choose not to type full words and use proepr grammar. Just accept it.

  14. Yes, I spelt proper wrong. Don’t bother to point it out. Thx.

  15. @BritishHobo
    You kind of asked for this one by clarifying you know you “spelt” proper wrong. Well, unfortunately, you also spelled “spelled” wrong. Unless you meant spelt, as in the grain. Probably not though.

  16. ‘Spelt’ is spelt correctly. Maybe you americans should gain some understanding for proper english spelling. Being smarmy won’t help, you’re renowned for your ignorance for a reason.

  17. Excuse me, pretentious non-American.
    As an American, I’m aware that “American” is a proper noun and should always be capitalized.

  18. I nearly developed a mental ‘condison’ trying to read Gary’s mindfuck of a post. I had to stop reading several times to get my bearings. Gary should be put to sleep.

  19. I am amused that ritzzz’s attack on thatguyconfesses for thatguyconfesses’s criticism of BritishHobo’s spelling involves assuming thatguyconfesses is an American. Couldn’t thatguyconfesses be an Aussie? Or Irish, or English, or a Scot, or even a non-native English speaker who has an excellent grasp of the English language?

    Oh the ridiculousness of the internets…

    Also, Charade, no offense to you personally, but since everyone else is finding fault, I thought I’d get in on the fun. Who are you to determine that a human being should be “put to sleep” merely because they’re a little slower than society’s norm? I’m pretty sure the most intelligent people in society are as far beyond you as you are beyond Gary; how would you like it if they decided you should be put to sleep?

  20. Jesus Christ, I thought that everyone knew that there were differences between American English and British English. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that BritishHobo was using British English.
    Anyway, it’s just as bad stereotyping all Americans as ignorant, especially as I get the feeling that ritzzz has never made the effort to talk to one.
    Some of these arguments are so inane.

  21. I know some minor differences in American English and British English. I love how Americans spell it, “organization” and the British English way is “organisation” which shows up as wrong in my spell check. I also love colour, favourite, etc. 🙂

  22. dropitlikeitsroomtemperature

    Lmfaooo.. ‘soz I spelt brake wrong soz :(‘
    I think I just peed in my knickers a little bit. From laughter, not for the hell of it.

  23. Gary..

    I wanted to correct the grammar too, but pshhh fuck that shit =P

  24. As an autist, i have to say…Gary’s a douche.

  25. shortman, you’re short of “e” LOL

  26. no cure but with acceptance or maybe even a little less ignorance we can all learn to accept others..

  27. mamatoanautisticteenager

    first I have been lurking for awhile now, please don’t correct my punctuation right now its 4 am thanks 😀 (that’s a sideways smile y’all)

    second I am only going to disagree with one comment on this lovely post (note the sarcasm) I will never ever tell my son who is autistic that he has ANY limitations because NO ONE should ever hear that (yes its a run-on sentence its early :P)

    third I so thoroughly enjoy reading everyone’s comments even if I came into this conversation way late, but I digress my son does not have a disease he is just different that’s all and I would not change who he is for the world although like most parents I do wish I could skip the teenage years as he can be quite mouthy at times (oy 16 yr olds especially boys *rolling eyes*

  28. mamatoanautisticteenager

    oooooh y’all have emoticons cool (yes I am loony but in a good way as I am always told)

  29. Woo!

  30. Holy hell, this might be insanely late but I just have to add something. People that would insist on their loved ones suffering through not being able to wipe their own asses/form lasting relationships/speak coherent sentences JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR FUCKING TWISTED perception that living with autism is akin to CARRYING A BADGE OF HONOR . . .

    Is it too late to hope that Mackadal’s already been punched?

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