Thursday, January 27, 2011

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  1. “Defriender”? Really?

  2. completely off topic but i would like to request a permanent comments section on the first page for discussing how terrible is.

  3. Actually based on that I just found Aaron. Or what fits his blurred picture based on where the colors fall, and his named based on the double blur. Which Aaron’s Hollywood Walk star on you lounging on, Aaron?

    The last name is Defriender now though.

  4. I’d like to request that they at least make the ad for smaller so it can stop fucking up my view.

  5. After coming to this site for at least a year now, I was finally motivated enough to register just so I could agree with blah mcblah and Douchetastic. Asmyjunk? Really? Now that’s something I wish you could get sued for.

  6. @ Douchtastic: it’s Aaron Spelling’s Star

  7. I’m just glad I’m not the only one finding the whole “asmyjunk” thing annoying and stupid.

  8. Same here blondebimbo, same here.

  9. So after visiting the site, I find it funny that there’s five pages worth of stuff in there but no one commenting on them. And the only people commenting sound like some sort of bot or Lamebook’s staff trying too hard to promote it.

  10. blondebimbo, are you named after the girl in the John Legend photo?

  11. I suppose it could be worse – it could have been “my ass junk”, in which case they’d have a lawsuit from

    and does spell check really substitute “effeminately”?

  12. Well, that late night disaster trainwreck is essentially just stuff that came out of an ass or was regurgitated, so they already covered that.

  13. I’m with everyone else on the AsMyJunk thing. You guys have a banner ad on the side, what the absolute fuck is the point in having a Lamebook entry-sized advert after the first entry on the homepage? I don’t know which one of you thought “You know what people love when they’re beign advertised a product, is if the product is shoved right in their face every time they scroll down the page, so they just can’t escape it, it’s always there. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine anyone being annoyed by that”, but you need to demote them to be the fucking secretary of Lamebook Inc.

  14. Also is it not possible that that girl meant to wrie ‘JOHN LEGEND’ because she thinks John Lennon is a legend?

  15. I agree with everyone else here.

  16. Also is it not possible that that girl meant to wrie ‘JOHN LEGEND’ because she thinks John Lennon is a legend?

  17. The first time I saw the ad for the new site I read it as ASK My Junk, which would be incredibly awkward.

  18. @Lametothemin, fucks no, bitch was named after me.
    @oilersfan that would actually be better…

  19. keshafan – apparently thinks he/she has a chance …. – don’t try so hard, she’s stupid enough.

    This woman, in a brighter future, would fall under the IQ line for which one must be above in order to reprocue – below said line one must volunteer for sterilization.

  20. So…too all you that continually bash lamebook on her, please STFU; it only exists because you frequent the site to complain about it. Pet peeve of mine. And on a related note; those complaining on a public forum about the content of those posts; please STFU; they only exist because you frequent the site to complain about them. And on a related note; those complaining about those complaining on a public forum…

  21. ^ LOL, you please STFU. I believe you are one of those people “complaining about those complaining on a public forum…”
    Also, learn the difference between TOO and TO. Thank you.

  22. i kinda <3 blondebimbo. and i was with keshafan until #16. not so much anymore. and @hawkbit please get a hobby and stop trolling, kthanks.

  23. The last time a spunk vacuum was on her knees in front of me like that she didn’t have to imagine…

    Coincidentally enough her face ended up plastered like one of those mosaics that she’s knelt on.

    Tanisha, two words: Thick Cunt.

  24. Awww…I’m hearted. That’s lovely.

  25. I hate Sara. I just really, really, reallllly.hate.Sara.

  26. Also, uh…what’s with @16?

  27. That’s too much for me to remember. Aw, fuck.

  28. I only complain about Lamebook because I know how brilliant they can be, and so it’s annoying when they just get lazy.

    See: AsMyJunk. Which, on oilersfan’s note, I keep reading as ‘Ass My Junk’.

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