Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twas the Day After Christmas…

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  2. So only whores wear bathing suits? Is the poster from the 1930’s?

  3. Obviously struggled with finding something to rhyme with “stores”… she clearly gave up on her original post when she could find something to rhyme with “I’m a stupid cunt nugget.”

  4. Tankinis: revealing nothing since 1955.

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  6. ^ But do they have bathing suits for whores on that site?

    I think the idea of wearing a bathing suit in the middle of winter might be a bit whorish, but I don’t think Nikki realizes that it’s summer in the Souther temperate zones, and still very warm year-round in the tropics.

  7. Dis-count ba-thing-su-its for w-h-o-r-e-$

    Oh! Will make you, satis-fied.

  8. oooor, bathing suit inventory came out for those going on holiday in warmer climes?

    You self righteous twat.

  9. I second frank

  10. Twas the day after Christmas, when Nikki declared
    About the small clothing, and none of us cared
    Well perhaps, miss Nikki, you’re joke’s in a rut
    So maybe in the future, you should keep your gob shut

  11. ^ Seriously???? You went with “rut” and “shut” and … you didn’t think of working “slut” in there?

    Otherwise, nicely done!

  12. sack up and fight the power nancy

    it’s weird, if it’s a bra and panties, women cover up, but if it’s a bathing suit, it’s totally ok, mind boggling.

  13. ^ That all depends on where you live…

  14. Here in Florida we don’t have winter, so our whores are on sale year round. On a more serious note, ‘whore’ is kind of a mean word and irl I only use it to insult my friends, and wouldn’t dare speak about women like that. Nikki’s just upset because she doesn’t look good in one anymore. But who can blame her…I’d be a little bitter too, if I only had one boob.

  15. So all girls that wear bikinis are whores? I’m guessing Nikki is fat.

  16. My store carries swim suits year round…also this is clearly a Target store. Ha.

  17. I’m guessing Nikki is a cow. Ftfy you, Evil!

  18. guessing she’s fat and jealous

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