Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Typos Positive


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  1. i’m so confused right now.

  2. amazing. great find.

  3. my head is going to explode trying to understand this.

  4. i think she should join the guy in rehab for posting these damn updates.

  5. Michelle needs Jonny’s dick in her pussy

  6. @Paola – too crude!

    I wish I knew what happened between Fri 2:44am and Fri 2:59 am…

  7. Damn.

  8. #6…sounds like a coupla dime bags happened…damn

  9. I’m so confused. And did she break up with Jonny originally or did she break up with someone else to be with Jonny?

  10. No! She was waiting her “1st boyfriend”, that same morning they broke up (I bet he dump her), then she gets a new boyfriend: “Jonny” right away, and then she just started to talk shit about his ex, that’s why Jonny “likes it”

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