Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Typos Suck

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  1. This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Krusty was doing a Halloween special. The guy with the dummy cards was too slow to change them so Krusty ended up saying “Tonight I’m going to suck………………………..you’re blood”

  2. Really? That’s what it reminds you of? try again.

  3. ^ It reminds ME of Shut Up, because he likes to suck his boyfriend off all the time.

  4. ^ Hah.
    @Shut up – why don’t you do just that? There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to something that reminds people of something else. Take off, eh. You hoser.

  5. So did she mean ‘fuck’? If so, the typo doesn’t alter the meaning significantly enough to be on lamebook.

  6. Wow such harsh words for Shut Up, I guess it’s not just a clever name for him.

  7. @AP, she meant “such”.

  8. Such makes less sense than suck. Kinda gay post that.

  9. She meant suck, she typed suck, you could argue that have would fit, but then you look at your keyboard and the letters are nowhere near each other. She just typed what she was really thinking, not so much what she may have intended to say.

  10. if she ain’t sucking, she ain’t worth keeping.

  11. Negatory Capn. I’m guessing this was another predictive text/auto correct snoozefest.
    omg people are having oral sex?! How entirely unique and pants-shittingly novel.

  12. That would be wonderful.

  13. butterscotchcandy

    The grammar in her post confuses me. It’s like halfway through she decided to start writing in the days of old when your status always started with “is”.

  14. @beatusmongous I would ‘have’ got it in the first place, if her line had a ‘have’. “To **have** such a wonderful boyfriend.”
    Or wait, maybe the “have” was typOHed to “suck” ?! :O

    I am inclined to agree with @CapnJaques on this one. She meant ‘suck’ and she typed ‘suck’. It is the simplest explanation, and doesn’t need over-the-top assumptions.

  15. @AP, her sentence structure is horrible to begin with, so missing “have” could have helped. However, I think she was dedicating the post “To such a wonderful boyfriend.” I don’t know, though. I doubt she does, either.

  16. @beatusmongous Thanks for the explanation. I can finally make some sense of this nonsense status. If it is indeed as you explained it, let me just say that her typo is the LEAST of the problems here. 😛

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