Thursday, December 15, 2011

Uh Oh!

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  1. Imagine the awkward moment when you receive an e-mail from Satan. That would be pretty awesome.

  2. Someone should tel Fardeen that White, Black and Asian is what made Brown in the first place.

  3. Satan blocked me from msn messenger in 2004. Satan is a bit of a cunt.

  4. That first one (beating women off with a stick/beating off) is a ripped off from Aussie comedian Lukey Bolland, He has been doing that joke for years.

  5. Awkward moment when you realize no one cares about your awkward moments

  6. boo for the “that moment” thing again. so 2011.

  7. @MsAnnThrope you sure it wasn’t dyslexic Santa? Heard he’s a bit of a deviant…

  8. Commentary is as bad as the posts.

  9. ^well, thanks for your redeeming input then, chuckles.

  10. Sick of hearing about those fucking moments!

    @ #7, awesome.

  11. You’re not interesting enough to be Satan, Sarah. Fuck off quietly.

    I’ve never heard of Lukey Bolland, but I can imagine he’s an overweight bogan from Queensland? I haven’t got the time let alone interest to open up google.

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