Monday, February 25, 2013

Unaccompanied Katie

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  1. That’s hot.

  2. Poop

  3. #$%$ i gotta stop smoking ice

  4. Dear Himalayanhindu
    I can’t tell whether you’re male or female, but either way, I hope you are struck by a speeding 16-wheeler in the very near future. Really. Maybe I’m just angry at myself for continuously returning to this site, when it dissappoints EVERY time, but your lame, juvenile, unfunny and frankly annoying “comments” make me so fucking angry. I want to see you mangled and preferably in flames.
    I hate you

  5. ^ I’m half in agreement with you and half feeling sorry for these poor derelicts who are desperate for social interaction but don’t have the skills to offer anything other than advanced grunting.

  6. Also, I find katie amusing.

  7. So do I!

  8. Actually pretty funny, I thought. Also I thumbed up poop just because it made Lost-Dog so upset, and that was funny too.

  9. Lol

  10. I’ve heard this one before, I thought it was here, but I still find it clever. I personally only started reading through the comments to see what frankenstein has added. He/She is usually just as funny and clever as the op. So thanks for that frankenstein! Although I should probably be doing something more productive.

  11. LostDog – that was nice of you. What else does this post deserve? Poop was what I felt like writing. Respect it and move on!

  12. LOL
    Just as clever as the op?
    Because lately these posts have sucked ass.

  13. I’m way more cleverer than the op.

  14. “boner”

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