Friday, February 4, 2011

Used and Abused

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  1. Robert is right about one thing, though: what kind of name is Hux?

    It’s like Stever that way.

  2. That first poster is the reason I don’t have sticky fingers. Somehow prison rape seems more tragic than being stupid.

    One in every three people I know is Hux, pretty sad I know so many self-righteous twats!

  3. Hmm. I don’t know who’s worse in that post. I’m tempted to go for the people who think they’re awesome for boasting about doing drugs (same as people who think they’re awesome for boasting about constantly being drunk), but the asshole who has to force his views on everyone else when nobody asked is putting up a good fight.

    Also surely it’d be a blunt inside a blunt inside a blunt, possibly inside another blunt but possibly not but WHO KNOWS?

  4. I used to know a girl named Ashley who just loooved to fuck and/or smoke everything she saw. She has a baby by a pig farmer now. Need I say more?

  5. …Also, probably numerous STDs.

  6. Ha!
    No you don’t Anders lol

    But I smiled at the blunt within a blunt hehe

  7. I was with Hux until he started slinging around “faggot”. Now I don’t like any of them.

  8. and thats a super long blunt to begin with…

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I guess Ashley is sucking her boss’ dick if she can get away with that or her job is useless.

    The inception joke is right on the cusp of being over used.

  10. Also on the cusp of being overused: that butthole in the first poster.

  11. Interesting .. my brain appears to have a thicker skull when I am on drugs.

  12. I agree with Hux. I lose all respect for people that do drugs, it’s stupid and pointless.
    Plus, what the hell kind of boss lets somebody work there if they do drugs?

  13. Dukey, I don’t think there’s any doubt she’s also smoking the boss’ blunt. A lot of sins will be forgiven if a dude is getting his knob polished on a regular basis.

  14. norma- some of us are perfectly functional, upstanding citizens that contribute to our communities, yet still enjoy “drugs.” do you ever drink occasionally? alcohol is also considered a drug, and is arguably more addictive than some recreational drugs. there is a time and place for everything, and i would agree that sharing your illegal drug use on facebook is most definitely not one of them. but you would be surprised how many people you respect that “do drugs.”

  15. I like the butt hole in prison one. That’s great. When I was younger I thought “shoplifters will be prosecuted” meant that they would be put to death. Needless to say I never stole anything when I was little.

    Inception jokes/references are getting a little old. People are a *bit* too obsessed with that movie.

  16. @rawnuh 13 … 100%

  17. I have to run out … it appears I have run out of knob polish.

  18. hahaha i approve of inception blunt.

  19. Go team pothead!
    Go team boobs! (for you, mass)

    Now lemme take this bong rip….

    (omg guys, do you think I’m going to get arrested for writing that? Will the internet police track me down and arrest me? Worse yet, will they confiscate my stash??)

  20. I would love to coach a team of boobs.

    Thanks jellica!

  21. ” … you .. you there on the right, … hit me in the face again … but more straight-on this time… “

  22. is it 420 yet?

  23. A blunt inside a blunt is just a thicker blunt with extra paper.

    I don’t care if you use “butthole” or “butt hole,” but, if you’re going to threaten me with anal rape, at least be consistent.

  24. Yes, lets all induce mind altering experiences out ourselves because we have the time we are such lazy fucks with time to induce experiences altering mind………..Good trip that time

  25. Ok Ashley is exactly why I don’t take drugs. I am almost constantly drunk though.

  26. #12 Meg is that you?

  27. I <4 marijuana, just sayin' lolz 🙂 😀 😉

  28. Hux was a douchebag. After the first post, he (she?) should have just said “fine, it’ll be your problem when you get fired and can’t get a new job.” Instead, he went on and on with this self-righteous and paranoid ranting. Does he really think that employers are constantly monitoring and making notes of everyone who claims to use drugs on facebook? Hux was just pissed when the OP proved there wouldn’t be any possible ramifications for her bragging about her drug use. Hux is an asshole.

  29. @ 27… you’re in good company…just don’t tell facebook that i said so.

  30. Ashley probably works in fast food or a strip club. What legitimate job or decent parents would condone such behavior? Her parents are probably potheads too and alcoholics who couldn’t give two fucks about their daughter’s wellbeing, that’s if she even has a father figure.

  31. ty, remember that the other side of the coin is also valid… There are plenty of kids who reject and rebel against anything fine or good that their parents try to instil in them, turn their backs on their folks and pave their own path to ruin….

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