Monday, February 15, 2010

Vday Recap Part 1

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  1. Haha love Valerie’s status….

  2. love how jessica adds a lil bit of a come down on the end there hahah..

  3. Jessica has wonderful timing. Bet she’d be fun at parties!

    I think Valentine’s Day is stupid. I’m even gonna pimp the blog here, because it’s relevant:

    It’s my annual Valentine’s Day rant, if you’re interested.

  4. It makes me laugh when people spell “yesterday” like Darren did, cos then it has the word “turd” in it.
    It’s the little things like that that get me through the day.

  5. teresa’s ex is clearly a premiership footballer.

  6. Gingivitis <3

    Darren is a tool belt, and Vanessa wins.

  7. @ Cassie – who’s Vanessa?

  8. #1 Nobody cares to hear about EVERY detail of your day.

    #2 WTF? Seriously freaked out by that. Watch for this story to show up on

    #3 Jessica, way yo be a Debbie Downer

    #4 LOL!!!

    #5 Sounds like her ex is keeping his options open for a threesome! Way to go!

  9. Wish i could of joined Bill shooting the paper mache heart! hah

  10. Darren is such a loser.. he probably just got his virginty popped since he’s so excited about telling everyone he got laid -.-
    Like anyone actually cares? = no. They only get frightning pictures stuck in their heads..

  11. I despise ALL these types of posts. When someone goes on and on about “I married my best buddy” or “I loooooove my wife,” or some other equally nausea-producing crap, immediately I think there is “trouble in Paradise!” I am a bitter divorcee, but I was like this even before! Haha! I am certain I am not the only one who thinks/feels this way!? Oh, and, also, I abhor idiots who post shit like: ” Jennifer is eating a peanut butter cup,” or “Jennifer is sad today.” Jennifer, choke on your cup and go help someone less fortunate. The minutae and trivial bullshit in your life is of no significance to anyone!

  12. who pissed in YOUR cheerios, babycat?

  13. #2 = Awesome! I’m going to have to keep that idea in mind…

  14. @Pedantrix – I meant Valerie. Short-term memory failitude.

  15. No Bill, I do not have to be able to get behind you, you freak.

  16. @babycat … Spent the day alone yesterday, didn’t you!

  17. My favorite is that Laura left out “of my” in “man of my dreams”. So she spent the day with “man dreams”. Sounds like an exciting Valentine’s Day!

  18. Babycat didnt have a good Valentines day…

    Also, did anyone notice that one person’s name was gay?

  19. lol @stanselmdoc man dreams!!

  20. I love how Valerie submitted that herself, as you can see the lock that gives you options for privacy settings.

  21. 1. Darren, you fail.

    2. I wish my boyfriend would do that for me om Valentine’s Day! *rolls eyes*

    3. Jessica sure does know how to ruin a romantic moment.

    4. LOL! Anything with the words “pearl necklace” is funny

    5. Lame.

  22. on** Damnit! It’s early!

  23. Ah, Valentine’s Day. I’m kind of hoping I get a status on my Facebook homepage about how wonderful Valentine’s Day was for some people, so I can tell my epic Valentine’s Day story to everyone on Lamebook.

    Darren can fuck right off. Why the fuck would you share all that with everyone? There’s no reason for it besides boasting. Isn’t it supposed to be a special day between the two of you? Not some day for a fucktard like Darren to tell all his friends that he got some.

    Bill is… just a lil’ bit mental.

    Laura too can fuck off. And Jessia? … wow 🙁

  24. hum Valerie… a pearl necklace huh… Wonder how that played out. (Can’t get dirty thoughts out of my head. Ugh.)

  25. her boyfriend’s name is Gay?

  26. I don’t think that’s her boyfriend. I think it was a girlfriend of hers agreeing with her, cause she’s with the “man of her dreams” too or whatever. Gay is usually a female name, even though there was a male pro golfer in the 70s and 80s named Gay Brewer.

  27. I don’t know about anyone else, but a serve of calamari would put me in the mood for later, Valentine’s or not.
    As for a stinkin’ pearl necklace, I suggest pineapple juice.

  28. OMG I know Darren… :O

  29. i know bill, the heart shooter. he is a total douche.

  30. I would hate to be Jessica’s boyfriend. sample conversation..
    Jessica:I love you so much
    Jessica’s BF: Aww, I love you too.
    Jessica: did U know my grandfather raped all of my brothers and sisters except 4 me, he made me watch, it was horible.

  31. The timing of Jessica’s post made my mind collapse.

  32. One thing I love is that Jessica says ‘U seem so happy. Did you hear my mother died in a car crash. It was horrible.’

    It’s like she’s going ‘you seem so happy… so I’m going to fucking ruin your mood, you cheerful little bitch.’

  33. chickens dont clap

    man dreams are my favourite kind of dreams

  34. chickens dont clap

    also lol BritishHobo, it does indeed seem like she’s saying that.

  35. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    At least someone got lucky on Valentine’s Day…. 🙁

  36. @Tristan: Crap VDay? 🙁

  37. PosterformerlyknownasTristan


    Yeah, had tenative plans until worked called and had to go do a 10 hour shift on my day off. I got screwed but not in the “good” kind of way… 🙁

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