Monday, February 15, 2010

Vday Recap Part 2

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  1. I like Applebees… My wife likes it and they have TVs and will turn to whatever game you ask them to… The food aint to bad either… Plus no road head?!?! Jessica, thats a deal breaker

  2. orgy boy tom has issues

  3. Really Sean? It didn’t go well? Geez, I’m shocked…NOT.

  4. Who eats at Applebees? Boy won’t she be in for a treat when the next guy orders Domino’s for V Day :/

  5. I thought Jessica’s status was going to be her moaning about all the nice things the guy did, but I guess they both suck.
    Katie’s isn’t too lame, unless she was expecting EVERYONE to get her a gift.
    Tom’s a fucking freak, and Sean is crazy. I love that he adds ‘whatever’ at the end, as if it wasn’t his fault that dressing as Cupid didn’t go down well xD

    Shame there were none of these posts up yesterday, they might have saved me from going fucking crazy.

  6. Lamest thing about al these is KTHXBI, which I had to Google. The increasing lameness of text speak never fails to stun me.

    As her name was Katie (KT) I was initially trying to decode it – so KT is her name, BI she must be bisexual, couldn’t suss the HX bit though.

  7. X coulda been a kiss.

    I’m not sure why I’m still trying to decode it xD

  8. I think it means…K (okay) THX (thanx) BI (Bye) ?

  9. chickens dont clap

    Yup, kthxbi = “ok thanks bye”

  10. Don’t forget the turkey baster Tom.

  11. Wait, I just realized that that comment made it look like I didn’t realize what it mean.

    Eh, who cares, I don’t give a crap about knowing what ktxbai means XD Hate when people use that.

  12. Gates is a bit slow. He’s still trying to figure out if he’s going to get road head on a date that happened the previous day. He’s still funny though.

    So… Tom and his orgy mates collecting sperm… sounds pretty much like it’s an all male orgy. That’s kinda gay, Tom. If not intentionally, maybe subconsciously.

    I agree with Sean. I mean you show up (im assuming to a vday party) as cupid and people have a problem with that? whatever… (im not being sarcastic)

  13. Walter, perhaps people had a problem with it because he was at a funeral for his mother. Sean never did get the gist of “formal attire”.

  14. I have a feeling that JDPower and Gates are both being facetious. Gates probably wasn’t Jessica’s Valentine’s date, and was trying to be funny.

  15. Provided Sean hadn’t done anything in the diaper and wanted his girl to change it,I don’t see a problem.
    I’ve seen weirder things.

  16. I want to anally penetrate Katie

  17. @wordpervert: You just reminded me of a very disturbing porn I viewed… bad images, bad!

  18. I saw an episode of Jerry Springer once, about a guy who called himself “Diaper Bob”.
    An interesting look at the whole baby fetish and domination/submission thing.

  19. By that I mean of course, adults acting out as babies.

  20. It’s really generous and humble of Sean to share his fail with everyone that didn’t have the opportunity to see his garb in person.

  21. @wordpervert: ha ha

    Men in diapers really turn me on. Come on “cupid” let me rip off those Huggies and see what you’ve got!

  22. Go eenerbl!, and yes, it’s what’s inside that counts.

  23. If “he took me to Applebee’s” means “he paid for dinner”, then Jessica has no reason to whine like a spoiled brat about where she eats.

    Really! What a ghastly, hateful sow. Waaah, he MADE me cut my finger on something he gave me for free. Waaaah, he took me somewhere to eat, for free, and I didn’t say that I didn’t like it. Waaaah, he MADE me have a period. Waaaah, i don’t like the joke he made as he was driving me where I needed to go, for free. Waaaah.

  24. I think the boy is retarded, not for taking her to Applebee’s or buying her (gasp) a flower, but for asking a princess on a first date on Valentine’s Day! Doesn’t he watch the Office?

    Asking for road head on first date is risky, but Jessica is a slut name, in his defense.

  25. @Walter … Perhaps Gates thought she was playing some sort of “delayed gratification” game. It’s all about the anticipation.

  26. Somebody tell Jessica about privacy settings.

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