Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vegas Vendetta

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  1. $6000! How many children does she have?

  2. And how much of the $6k is actually going to the kid(s)?

  3. 6k would be back pay, not every month.

  4. if I was the father I would print this and take it to court lol

  5. She has two.

    Side note, Kelli McC* needs to change her privacy settings, and Lamebook needs to improve their scrubbing.

  6. Thank you, Kelli. We appreciate your money. Don’t expect to return with any of that $6,000.

  7. Only problem there kermit, is to be a father, you have to have had sex with a woman…..

  8. ^You’re one to talk!
    I doubt anyone would sleep with someone who says STEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEER at the end of every sentence. 😉

  9. Just watch her win $600,000 in Vegas and she’ll suddenly have the dad begging to be back with her and blaming himself for all the problems.

  10. Even at the slight chance she did win, she would most likely turn around and either gamble it all away hoping to win more, or spend it all here. Either way, that $6,000 is staying here.

  11. Remember when child support was used to help provide for children? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  12. Yeah, Kelli, you go to Vegas and spend all that money on booze and slot machines. Don’t worry about spending it to take care of your kids you fucking harlot. They’re not nearly as important as male strippers and table games. It’s not like they need to be properly clothed and fed or anything.

  13. If the payment has been made in backpay- and who knows how long the case has been going on, it could cover a period of 5-10 years- then I’m assuming Kelli’s kids haven’t gone without for all these years. The money from her baby-daddy is refunding what she has spent out of her own pocket due to no financial support for the period. She can spend it on what she likes. Maybe she’s done such a good job raising her kids that they want for nothing. MAYBE she’s done such a good job raising her kids without support that she deserves a vacation. Crazy, right?

  14. Well said Joony. There seems to be a remarkable amount of judgement directed at this woman, and a surprisingly small amount directed at the guy who’s so far shirked his responsibilities to the tune of 6k.

    And CapnJaques – harlot? Really? There is zero mention of anything sexual happening on this Vegas break and, even if there were, so what? Why are you so threatened by the idea of a woman doing something other than childcare and housework that you feel the need to attack?

  15. if i were to get any child support i would not be partying off of it, how immature! i would deserve to have a bit of fun for myself as i’ve been raising a child on my own and neglecting myself completely, but obviously this bitch doesn’t if thats all she’s thinking of is drinking and gambling. how selfish, that is supposed to be money to take care of your kids or maybe, if you wanna push it, take them out to eat. household items, clothes, food, etc. not to be going to vegas

  16. That’s right, GrowUp. I said HARLOT, and there’s nothing you can do about it, landlubber! Dare I make an attempt stay in character here on Lamebook, or is that too much for a filthy bilge rat like you?

  17. I’ve got to agree with Joony and GrowUp.

    I reread the post about 10 times trying to find evidence of anything any comment implied about this mom. She doesn’t say she’ll be partying. She doesn’t say she’ll be with a boyfriend or any man at all. She doesn’t say she’ll be spending the $6,000 only on the vacation. The time period for the back pay of child support is not established. This could be years of child support. During those years, she’d be paying for her kids’ needs. So, this would be like a repayment for the money she spent that can be spent on anything she chooses.

    She doesn’t even say she’ll be drinking or gambling. That’s just assumed because of “Vegas”. She could be a bridesmaid in a wedding. Maybe she’s going to a family reunion. No one here knows unless they posted this.

    The ridiculous amount of judgement on the Internet from people who know nothing about the real story is beyond irritating.

  18. Boo fucking hoo!

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