Friday, May 11, 2012


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  1. They say a wrinkle is the footpath of 10,000 smiles.

    My dog used to run round and round a bush I have in the back yard and he killed a circle of grass. So I put a stake in ground and tied him to it with a chain. But then he killed all the grass in a circle around the stake. So I tied him to a tree. But then he ran all the way round one way until the chain was wrapped around the tree. Then he turned around and did the same thing going the other way. So he killed a full circle of grass instead of just the circumference. So then I paved the area around the bush, let him free, and got the my next door neighbour’s son, Peyton, to take him for a walk once a day.

    Point is, I don’t think those creams work.

  2. I went to the Walgreens page and I really enjoyed the comments!

  3. Awwwwe lol i always make my moms gifts my self <3 this year I made her a flowers vase in my art classes when we did pottery making 🙂 🙂 it is purple turned out very prettyy!!!!!! moms always love home made presants better!!!!' 🙂 🙂 <3

  4. sexcibunnei69, you sound like a very special person.

  5. Wastey the Walrus

    ^ simpletons like this really exist?? I thought they were urban legends, made up to scare kids away from sniffing glue or other brain devouring substance abuse..

  6. Wastey the Walrus

    My comment was meant for sexcib. I gotta agree with rupert, VERY special indeed.

  7. Very fake also.

  8. I want to fuck sexcibunnei69 into normalcy

  9. Haha I dont like that word really!!!!!! but n e way i am saving myself for the husband im gonna someday meet <3 🙂

  10. You don’t like the word really? It is a perfectly acceptable word. Doesn’t have any negative connotation at all. Why hate it?

  11. Iits dirty n gross and it makes God cry for all us his children :'(

  12. What if i am supposed to be your husband?

  13. Hahahaha lol awe I cant know u thogh!!!!! Haha awe <3 xoxoxoxo 🙂

  14. what. the. fuck.
    weirdest troll ever

  15. ^Agree

  16. @sexcibunnei69: Can anyone block this obnoxious git? She sounds a bit too much like my socialist, homicidally inclined ex-boyfriend, and should therefore be treated as such. Or can anyone at least shame him/her into no longer commenting on every lamebook thread, as she seriously detracts from the humor of every post she’s on?

  17. ^ignore. it.
    every time she sees someone type her name, she does a happy little wee in her MLP undies. cut that shit out.

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