Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Way to go, China

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  1. Dr.LesterForeskin

    Yes, that still pisses me off to this day, and it more like 4 billion people–duh

  2. Also, they never told us that there were no danger at Y2K, no computers not working, and such millenium-fears.

    Those Chinese people should be taught a lesson. Another a-bomb dropped on their stupid country or so.

  3. And not letting us use forks and knives in their restaurants.

    That is just f’ed up.

  4. oh my god it must be so fun in her head. she probably doesnt only believe in time travel, but in things like magic and health insurance.

  5. Laura, go back to sucking cocks.

  6. Please be trolling, Laura. Like, god damn.

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  8. This one actually hurt my head! WOW…

  9. I sincerely hope you’re joking about dropping “another” a-bomb on them bro, you know commenting stupid on stupid. Coz I’m pretty sure Japan took the brunt of that first one

  10. #8- no one but you is surprised.
    #9- “pretty sure” means you may or may not have passed that history class. Raise your hand cause you’re sure, then smack yourself in the back of the head for not understanding sarcasm. If you do this, Jesus will love you more.

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