Monday, May 23, 2011

Way to Respond!

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  1. first again :p

  2. Not very impressive. Lamebook is in a slump it would seem.

  3. There were Wal-Marts well before 1992….

  4. TL:DR

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    WHOA! WHOA! Slow down guys don’t all comment at once. This place is still looking more deserted than a brothel filled with $2 syphilitic nonagenarian crack whores.

  6. pandainspandex

    Psh I thought the panda one was awesome. I may be a bit biased, however.
    Also, every time I see someone say “TL;DR,” a little part of the English Lit major in me dies.

  7. I know right dukey, me and noodles had a nice conversation on a different post though

  8. I posted my status as the panda one and I’ve seen about 10 people repost so far!

  9. What does “TL:DR” mean?

  10. It’s a well known fact that a cure for cancer has already been found.

    They are just waiting until enough people have posted on their Facebook status in support of a cure. Then they will release it for use.

    Get posting, people !

    P.S. As I’ve said before, people who copy & paste these BS comments too much should be kicked off Facebook. Or shot.

  11. Sooooo…….about those $2 syphilitic nonagenarian crack whores…….

  12. Sammy forgot about the 0.01% of us who like to fuck the ‘baldy’ cancer victims because it fulfils their sick prisoner of war fuckaroo fantasies.


  13. @cheesuschrist
    I’ve actually had that one. No cancer though. Unless that’s a symptom

  14. I have thyroid cancer, and I still want a million dollars and a new car. I must be a terrible person.

  15. What a stupid “proclimation” idiot

  16. heynostradamus

    Where do you think they get that “97% of you won’t repost this” statistic? Like it’s something to be proud of–you so bravely made a FB status declaring that you do not support cancer in its battle against humanity. Because otherwise, people weren’t sure where you landed on that.

    panda, I agree.

  17. I guess 97% of other people aren’t fucktarded.

  18. Lex. I agree.

  19. I don’t know, my friend has cancer and really wants the iPhone 4s…

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